Complexity dominating in CSGO and fun to watch again

Complexity keeps tallying victories with impressive marksmanship and play synergy. The players keep showing up clutch in outnumbered situations, providing a exciting viewership experience.

Only a month after the return of Valentin “poizon” Vasilev to the Complexity lineup, the team has now played enough games, that we can say the honeymoon period is over, and they seem to have found their form.

Complexity is fun to watch again

© Complexity

Complexity back to form

A series that saw Complexity overcome OG two games to none really solidified how much fun the resurgence of this team could be. While there are many factors underlying this, the catalyst was bringing poizon back into the lineup, replacing Jakob “JUGi” Hansen, who was brought on as a stand-in player when an emergency surgery forced poizon to take a hiatus from the game. Despite looking a little rusty upon his first step back into the lineup, poizon has returned with a vengeance. Following his awaited return in February, Complexity has found wins against top ranked teams and made it look easy as well.

With a solid AWPer playing around them, the self-proclaimed Juggernaut’s star players have more room to do what they do best. Complexity’s percentage of rounds won when poizon has gotten the first kill is 71% and with an opening kill ratio of 69-54 in his first month back, his return to form makes a large impact on the team.

Not only is he getting opening kills, his in-game competence and consistency has given his team more freedom to look for kills. Kristian “K0nfig” Wienecke and Benjamin “blameF” Bremer can now be the exciting and explosive studs they are. Since poizon re-joined, blameF has 59 opening kills compared to 24 opening deaths. This is a dramatic improvement when compared to the 45-47 ratio he held in the two months poizon was gone.

BlameF is not the only one with dramatic improvement in his stats in their last month. Justin “jks” Savage has had many more clutches recently. In the two months without poizon, jks had only two 1 vs 1 clutch wins, while in the last month alone, he has had three, and four when he was 1 vs 2. While William “RUSH” Wierzba’s statistics may not seem impressive, his impact as a supportive role player continues to open up space for his team, making him the unsung hero in their success.

Complexity is playing Renegades and Heroic this weekend to close out their Group Stage at ESL Pro League Season 13. A single win would guarantee moving forward into and a Top 12 finish. Based on how the ESL Pro League odds are shaping up, they are likely one of the first three guaranteed Playoffs participants at the event.

Ultimately, the real test will come in the following months. The newly inspired lineup will face some of the world’s best teams in their upcoming ESL Pro-League matches.Will the Juggernaut hold the line?

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