Copenhagen Flames to test substitutes at Elisa Invitational Summer 2021

Elisa Invitational Summer 2021 is down to the Regional Swiss Stage. Favorites are pulling through this event easily as the quality gap between competitor teams is just too big. Heading into the second round of matches, Copenhagen Flames will have to play with two substitutes throwing the odds out of whack.

I will make make things more interesting for you, with our CSGO betting slip featuring a couple of safe matches that you can not miss out.

Nodios csgo

Copenhagen Flames vs 777

Let’s kick things off with the easiest pick out of them all. Copenhagen Flames are miles ahead of 777, experience and individual skill are off the charts in comparison, but there is a small caveat. CPHF is going through some troubling times with their roster, as maNkz and most recently AcilioN have both been benched. For the sake of the tournament the team has acquired Andreas “MODDII” Fridh from the Lemondogs, but need to still find a 5th for upcoming matches.

Even though map pool is not that much in favor of Copenhagen Flames, they are simply a much better team for it to matter. It is also important to mention that 777 won just one match out of the last 5 played. All in all, everything is pointing out towards an easy victory for Nodios and his squad. Do keep in mind however, the roster swaps are likely throwing the odds out of whack at most CSGO betting sites, meaning you might find this match at good odds for a bet on Copenhagen Flames, and pair it with two other “easy” matches to form a nice betting slip.


The first of our two booster matches for the sake of the betslip is DBL Poney vs AGF. After watching the tape, we came to the conclusion that DBL PONEY is probably going to win this event easily. They won four straight without dropping a map and they looked really good while doing so. Do not forget the fact that they 2-0’ed Vitality a couple of days ago and that says a lot.

Everything is favoring the French roster here. AGF will have nothing to look for in this match as their only chance to win is Inferno and they will struggle there as well since DBL PONEY enjoys playing this map. To summarize, this is the prediction that we are most certain in. DBL PONEY has it all. Individuals like NBK-, bodyy, and, Lucky should be more than enough to dismantle a tier 3 team, right?

Case vs EC Brugge

In the losers bracket, the Belgian-based roster will play against the Brazilians. In the last 5, EC Brugge won 2 while losing 3 games. On the other hand, Case only has one victory in their last 5 matches played and this is worrying. In most of their matches, Case did not even stand a chance.

Map pool-wise, we are leaning towards EC Brugge. By removing Overpass, they are leaving themselves in a great spot as probably Nuke, Mirage, and Dust 2 are going to be played. This is all they could wish for since Case is bad on both Mirage and Dust 2, despite playing it a lot.

For even money, this is a must-bet match for us. Basically, everything is pointing towards EC Brugge in this one. A better former, stronger map pool and individuals that gathered a lot of experience lately is more than enough for us to pull the trigger on this bet. Trust us when we say it, the smart money is definitely on EC Brugge.

In the end, our three-fold betslip would like this.

Copenhagen Flames vs 777Copenhagen Flames to win@ 1.44
DBL PONEY vs AGFDBL PONEY to win 2-0 @ 1.61
Case vs EC BruggeEC Brugge to win@ 1.66

Overall, a nearly 4-fold return on our investment for three straightforward matches.