Astralis Impress on Day One of BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2024

It was a day of impressive, dominating performances during the opener of the BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2024. Four best-of-three matchups came and went, each ending 2:0 to their respective victors. But who came out on top in these matches? Let’s take a look.

Group C

The day began with Group C, where G2 took on Ninjas in Pyjamas. G2 were looking to bounce back from a poor end to 2023, while NIP had plenty to prove. However, it was never really a competition. G2 ran away with proceedings, with m0NESY in particular looking fresh and ready to dominate on the server. It’s exactly the type of start G2 needed at the BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2024.

BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2024

Credit: BLASTPremier on X.

Next up in Group C was Complexity vs NAVI. This was a fascinating match-up for a number of reasons. Complexity finished 2023 strong, establishing themselves as one of the top teams in the world. Meanwhile, NAVI had several struggles last year, but had shown flashes of brilliance that gave hope coming into this match.

At first, it seemed to be Complexity’s match to lose, taking control of the proceedings. A strong mental from NAVI meant they were able to come back from several match points to clinch map one in overtime, before taking map two in convincing fashion, too. It’s a strong step forward for Aleksib and his team, who now face G2 tomorrow.

Group A

The later games in the day began to kick off Group A. First up was Vitality vs OG – the least competitive match of all. The first map was a total walkover, with Vitality 13:0’ing OG in embarrassing fashion. It was a celebration when OG managed to take seven rounds in the second map. It wasn’t a particularly surprising result, given Vitality’s domination of the scene at the tail end of 2023.

BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2024 day one finished on arguably the most exciting match of the day – Astralis vs Falcons. Two new rosters, filled with superstars and high expectations. Magisk and zonic returning to show Astralis what they’re capable of. The end result was a dream start to 2024 for one of these teams – Astralis.

BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2024

Credit: BLASTPremier on X.

The biggest compliment that can be paid to the Danish roster is that they never really looked threatened by the Falcons ‘superteam.’ Even with dev1ce having a quiet day on the server, the rest of the team picked up the slack in the meantime. Staehr, who has struggled with the pressure at Astralis at times, came up clutch in big moments, a promising sign for the future.

If this win is to be a building block for Astralis going forward, they’ll have to best Vitality in tomorrow’s match-up. It’s sure to be their biggest test yet.

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