The Complexity CS2 Momentum Builds As They Reach Royal Arena

It’s almost hard to believe that just a few short months ago, Complexity were a mess. Not quite the laughing stock of NA, but not far off it either. Ever since the release of Counter-Strike 2, you could argue that no team except FaZe has benefitted more from the new game.

On the back of a brilliant 2:1 win over NAVI  at the BLAST Premier Fall Final 2023, we’re asking the question: why are they so rejuvenated?


Credit: BLASTPremier on Twitter

EliGE and floppy

When Complexity picked up EliGE from Liquid, they found a player in dire need of fresh circumstances. His time at Liquid seemed to be drawing to a sad end, limping from one poor result to another. However, the sort of skill he possesses on the server doesn’t just disappear.

Ever since arriving at Complexity, EliGE has looked like a player reborn. There’s absolutely no doubt about who the star is here, and while he’s in this sort of form, Complexity can challenge for everything.

EliGE can’t take all the credit. It’s a team game, after all. The trio of JT, Grim, and hallzerk have all impressed in big moments, but it’s floppy we really want to give props to. Until EliGE’s arrival, floppy looked as though he was going through the motions. He put up decent enough numbers to keep his place, but never quite unlocked his potential to be a world-class rifler.

Recently, he’s stepped up more than anyone, putting in several dominant performances to put Complexity into championship contention. If floppy can keep it going, he’ll carve his place among the elite.

Beating NAVI

Overcoming NAVI at the BLAST Premier Fall Final 2023 was just the latest sign that Complexity are a team to be feared. After dropping the first map, there was never any doubt that they’d fight back and give themselves a chance.

Complexity BLAST Premier Fall Final 2023

Credit: BLASTPremier on Twitter

That they did. A 2:1 victory secured their place in Copenhagen’s Royal Arena, denying NAVI a honeymoon phase with young AWPer w0nderful. What really struck us about Complexity here was their resilience. On the Nuke decider, the team threw away a few silly rounds which ultimately could have cost them the game.

In the end though, it came down to several clutches, where Complexity’s stars displayed ice in their veins. Now, they’ll take on FaZe in the BLAST Premier Fall Final 2023 Semi-Final. If they can overcome FaZe, anything is possible.

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