BLAST Premier Fall 2022: Tournament Overview & Predictions

BLAST Premier Fall Series is part of the BLAST Premier CS:GO 2022 calendar set to culminate with the BLAST World Final 2022 in December. Fall Series is a three stage event scheduled to start with Groups play on August 19th-28th, followed by Fall Showdown between October 19th-23rd, and Finals on November 23th – 27th.

The Fall Series tournament is once again unifying North America and Europe on a competitive level. Twelve teams in total will battle for their share of $425,000 in prize funds and a spot at the BLAST Premier Falls Finals.

Blast Premier Fall 2020 Regular Season

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BLAST Premier Fall 2022 Overview & Teams

The lineup of teams for BLAST Premier Fall 2022 is as follows: Astralis, BIG, Natus Vincere, FaZe Clan, OG, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Complexity, Evil Geniuses, Heroic, Vitality, Team Liquid and G2 Esports.

The teams will be divided in three double-elimination (GSL) groups with each group advancing the best two teams to the Fall Finals and the “worst” to the Fall Showdown event. Opening matches are set for August 18th, with Vitality vs OG having the honor of getting the show on the road. Their match will be followed up by NiP versus Astralis.

Below are some key team and roster updates from the summer break you need to be aware of:

  • Astralis announced trace as the new head coach.
  • k1to will replace tiziaN on the BIG roster.
  • Complexity benched junior and sign hallzerk as his replacement
  • Stewie2k stepped down from the EG roster, RUSH was benched, HexT and neaLaN are added to the main roster with Vorborg as coach.
  • Heroic benched refrezh and announced Jabbi from Copenhagen Flames as replacement.
  • OG benched valde, niko and mantuu, replacing them with NEOFRAG, F1KU and degster.
  • Team Liquid, G2 and Vitality are yet to field complete rosters.

Betting on BLAST Premier Fall 2022

There are several aspects to note before you consider betting at BLAST Premier Fall 2022. As a Premier level event, BLAST will offer more than the usual betting markets. Specific in-match objectives and exotic markets are available for betting. However, you must have some knowledge and understanding on each of the participating teams and their play-style to make successful bets. Luckily, our dedicated CSGO news section and CSGO betting guide should give you all the relevant information. Our archive contains information on each previous event and tournament played by each of the participants.

Additionally, we will provide you with our analysis and betting predictions at the end of this wiki.

BLAST Premier Fall 2022 Odds

At first glance betting odds at this BLAST event are equal across the board for both sides of each matchup. The only exception are G2 and NaVi who are set as overwhelming favorites and feature low odds across the board. With competition returning to the Online format this fall, CSGO betting providers have tried to not favor one region over the other at this event. This however, opens plenty of possibilities for betting, especially considering all matches are best-of-three.

Lets take a quick glance at the odds available at GG.BET for BLAST Premier Fall 2022.

BLAST Premier Fall 2021 Odds

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BLAST Premier Fall 2022 Predictions

The stage is set for the best teams from Europe and North America. In these two final bouts, we will see plenty of action so a couple of exciting bets for the punters always come in handy, right? Without further ado, here are our bets for the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown finals.

Astralis vs Heroic

Let’s start with the Danish derby. At the moment, Heroic is riding a six-match win streak and they are looking better than ever. Victories against OG, Vitality, BIG, and Sangal solidified them as a huge favorite to go all the way and win BLAST Premier Fall Showdown Europe.

On the other hand, Astralis did not have it their way a couple of months ago, but they were able to find their footing. By beating both Vitality and Eternal Fire, blameF and his squad gave themselves a chance to cause an upset and beat Heroic.

When it comes to map veto, we are heavily siding with one team in this match. Here are the basics for this best-of-three series. In regards to permabans, we believe that Heroic will remove Dust 2 first while Astralis will avoid Vertigo in this match. Picks, on the other hand, should be even easier to predict. In most of their matches, Astralis picked Nuke first. Overpass is going to be a go-to map for Heroic in this match, and we think that Inferno is the only logical pick for both teams if we end up with a deciding map.

Here is our summary regarding this match. Astralis had its up and downs in recent weeks and it is obvious that they are not playing at the highest level right now. Contrary to that, Heroic is stomping everyone and they look very good while doing so. We also firmly believe that map pool favors Heroic in this one. Sadly, the odds on stavn and his crew winning this match are not that rewarding. This is why we are opting in for a swift 2-0 victory for Heroic.

Prediction: Heroic to win 2-0

MIBR vs Fluxo

Towards their road to the grand final of BLAST Premier Fall Showdown North America, MIBR did not have an easy path. Firstly, they defeat the likes of TeamOne who are always up for a quality match. Even though this bout could have easily gone the other way around, MIBR showed excellent spirit to seal the deal.

In their second match at this event, MIBR steamrolled past Sharks as they simply did not bring much to the table and they were battered easily by HEN1 and his squad.

Another really important aspect of this match is the map pool. In our opinion, MIBR has a wider choice of maps at their disposal. They proved that in recent matches where they did not shy away from competing on a huge variety of maps.

All in all, betting sites are offering similar odds on both teams for this bout. While analyzing the facts, we came to one conclusion, the smart money is definitely on MIBR in this match. They proved in their recent matches that they can beat anyone and they have a much deeper map pool once compared to Fluxo. At almost even odds, this is by far the best bet for this match.

Prediction: MIBR to win

BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2022 Betslip

Astralis vs Heroic – Heroic to win 2:0 @ 2.10
MIBR vs Fluxo – MIBR to win @ 1.80

Bet amount: 10$
Potential Winnings: $37.80
Provider: GG.BET

You can follow all the action at the official BLAST Premier Twitch channel starting August 18th at 13:00 CEST.