BLAST Premier Fall 2021: Tournament Overview & Predictions

BLAST Premier Fall Series is scheduled to start with group play on September 16th-26th, the Fall Showdown series will be held October 12th-17th with the Finals set November 24th – 28th. The tournament is part of the BLAST Premier CS:GO 2021 calendar set to culminate with the World Final 2021 in December.

The Fall Series tournament is once again unifying North America and Europe on a competitive level. Several American teams have agreed to fly to Europe to play the online event against their EU rivals and re-ignite the EU vs NA rivalry.

Twelve teams in total will battle for their share of $425,000 in prize funds and a spot at the BLAST Premier Falls Finals 2021.

Blast Premier Fall 2020 Regular Season

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BLAST Premier Fall 2021 Overview & Teams

The lineup of teams for BLAST Premier Fall 2021 is as follows: Astralis, BIG, Natus Vincere, FaZe Clan, OG, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Complexity, Evil Geniuses, mibr, Vitality, Team Liquid and G2 Esports.

The teams will be divided in three double-elimination (GSL) groups with each group advancing the best two teams to the Fall Finals and the “worst” to the Fall Showdown event. Opening matches are set for September 16th, with Astralis vs EG having the honor of getting the show on the road. Their match will be followed up by Team Liquid vs Vitality.

Below are some key team and roster updates you need to be aware of:

  • Dev1ce left Astralis to play on NIP.
  • C0mplexity’s K0nfig has injured his wrist and is rumoured to be replaced by C0ldzera.
  • Mibr has revamped their roster completely. Additionally, boltz won’t travel to the tournament after contracting COVID-19. Breno “brnz4n” Poletto from MIBR Academy will stand-in.
  • Gla1ve will be missing these games due to the birth of his child.

Betting on BLAST Premier Fall 2021

There are several aspects to note before you consider betting at BLAST Premier Fall 2021. As a Premier level event, BLAST will offer more than the usual betting markets. Specific in-match objectives and exotic markets are available for betting. However, you must have some knowledge and understanding on each of the participating teams and their play-style to make successful bets. Luckily, our dedicated CSGO news section and CSGO betting guide should give you all the relevant information. Our archive contains information on each previous event and tournament played by each of the participants.

Additionally, we will provide you with our analysis and betting predictions at the end of this wiki.

BLAST Premier Fall 2021 Odds

At first glance betting odds at this BLAST event are equal across the board for both sides of each matchup. The only exception are G2 and NaVi who are set as overwhelming favorites and feature low odds across the board. With competition returning to the Online format this fall, CSGO betting providers have tried to not favor one region over the other at this event. This however, opens plenty of possibilities for betting, especially considering all matches are best-of-three.

Lets take a quick glance at the odds available at GG.BET for BLAST Premier Fall 2021.

BLAST Premier Fall 2021 Odds

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BLAST Premier Fall 2021 Predictions

A lot happened in the last couple of events. With Na’vi having made big statements with their play recently, it is hard to pick against them. Perfecto is really coming into his own and finding his place in the team, Na’Vi look to advance through their group with ease. G2 have also been surging recently. With roster move rumours surrounding JacKz, look for the veteran to handle the pressure and support his team through to the next round. FaZe Clan’s Karrigan seems to have also been finding the teams groove as of late.

All of this will make the group stage of BLAST Premier Fall Series 2021 even more entertaining.

The following section will be updated with several matches on an on-going basis as the tournament develops. Make sure you check back regularly for the freshest predictions. 


Though the odds are close, it would seem that NIP has the advantage. With Dev1ce on the team, they will hands down have the edge in the AWP game. A solid AWPer can set the pace of every round. It will be hard for BIG to step up to the plate and not break. Though the game should be close, expect NIP to edge it out in the end.

Prediction: Total rounds (incl. handicap) under 46.5

Mibr vs G2

This matchup seems to be the most one sided in the tournament at a quick glance. That is because it is. Mibr have struggled against tier 1 teams as of late, having a hard time making good showings. Going up one of the most dynamic rifling duos in Hunter and NiKo should prove to be too much for the Brazilian lineup.

We can even be confident enough that G2 will take both maps outright. With G2 on a winning streak and Mibr not having fully formed their identity, it seems to be a safe bet.

Prediction: G2 to win 2:0

NaVi vs OG

Natus Vincere is the most dominant team in the world right now. They do however suffer from a Group Stage de-buff at most events, as they tend to lose maps and even entire matches early into competitions. When faced against OG, we fully expect them to drop at least one map and narrowly win out in the end. This sort of pattern is almost a NaVi tradition by now.

Prediction: NaVi to win 2:1

Based on the esports betting odds we have scouted, you can place bets on each of the match-ups above individually or create a multi-fold accumulator betslip. For the three match ups above your betslip would look as follows:

BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2021 Accumulator Betslip

NIP vs BIG – Total rounds (incl. handicap) over 60.5 @ 1.66
MIBR vs G2  – G2 to win 0:2 @ 1.59
NAVI vs OG – NAVI to win 2:1 @ 3.13

Combined odds: 8.26
Bet amount: 10$
Potential Winnings: 82.6$
Provider: GG.BET

You can follow all the action at the official BLAST Premier Twitch channel starting October 26th at 16:30 CET.