All CS2 Viewmodel Commands – Customize Your Game Perfectly

Getting your CS2 viewmodel commands right is an extremely important part of Counter-Strike. They can be essential in making sure that your experience is as comfortable as possible and depends on many different commands that you can use together.

Today, we’re going to look at CS2’s different viewmodel commands, and how they affect your game.

CS:GO viewmodel

CS2’s viewmodel commands can have a massive effect on how your weapon looks in-game.

Most commands have remained the same since the release of CS2. If they were to ever change, it would surely make Counter-Strike news as players scramble to rediscover the right settings for them. For many, these settings will never be touched and won’t make a difference. For others, they’re essential.

How to change FOV and viewmodel in CS2

Viewmodel commands have returned now that CS2 is out. Certain viewmodel commands that we expected to see used are currently unavailable, such as the ability to use cl_righthand 0 to swap to a left-handed view and cl_bob commands.

Go to the game settings, open the Game tab.

  1. Select “Yes” for the “Enable Developers Console (~)” option.
  2. Save the changes in the game settings menu.
  3. Press the tilde (~) or backtick (`) key (to the left of the number 1 on the number row on most keyboards) to open the console.

Once you’ve got access to the console you can experiment with changing the settings for your viewmodel. Try some of these commands below!

  • viewmodel_fov xx
  • viewmodel_offset_x xx
  • viewmodel_offset_y xx
  • viewmodel_offset_z xx

These commands work to adjust the viewmodel by replacing the x’s above with number values. Try to slowly change the settings until you find a config that’s comfortable for you, or maybe even try the config of professional players to help you out as a starting point.

Additionally, we’d expect there to be more commands added down the line. Settings changes like left handed viewmodel options are often added in game menu settings in FPS games today, so it’s very possible that Valve might themselves add it to CS2 down the line!

CS 2 Viewmodel Commands

Source: Counter-Strike

CS2 Viewmodel Commands

Counter-Strike viewmodel commands are very simple – they affect many factors about how your weapon looks on screen. Whether you sit near or far from your monitor, it can ultimately affect your comfort and so it’s worth putting the time into getting them right. If you get them right, you’ll even get better at CS2 without realizing it, as you’ll feel more comfortable while gaming.

Here are several of these commands, that you can use in CS2’s in-game console.

  • viewmodel_offset_x [-2.5 to 2.5] – This changes how far right or left your weapon is.
  • viewmodel_offset_y [-2 to 2] – This changes how close your weapon is to your screen.
  • viewmodel_offset_z [-2 to 2] – This changes how far up or down your weapon is on the screen.
  • viewmodel_fov [54 to 68] – This changes your field of view, from the default of 60. Your setting here should depend upon how close you sit to your screen.
  • viewmodel_presetpos [1, 2 or 3] – This sets your viewmodel to a preset configuration. These options are 1 (desktop), 2 (couch), and 3 (classic).
  • viewmodel_recoil [0 to 1] – This setting changes how much recoil you’ll experience when being shot, from a default of 1. Reduce from 1 to reduce the recoil you receive. This can be useful in stressful in-game scenarios.

If you’re someone who plays CS2 in different places, these settings may also change depending on how your setup changes, so do keep that in mind. Ultimately, a lot of these settings are complete personal preferences. You should experiment with each rather than looking at CS2 pro settings, as what may work for one person may not work for you.


What are the best viewmodel commands in CS2?

You can try using this values that work best for most players:

  • Field of Vision – viewmodel_fov 68
  • Viewmodel X – viewmodel_offset_x 2.5
  • Viewmodel Y – viewmodel_offset_y 2
  • Viewmodel Z – viewmodel_offset_z -2

What is the main benefit of CS2 viewmodel commands?

It’s all about being comfortable while you’re in-game. If you don’t feel comfortable with your viewmodel, it can be a massive hindrance to your overall performance. That’s why it’s well worth putting in the time to experiment with your CS2 viewmodel commands. If you’re losing gunfights by small margins, it could be that your viewmodel isn’t right for you. Switching it up can be the difference between winning and losing – and nobody likes losing in CS2.

Can CS2 viewmodel commands be used in Competitive matches?

Absolutely! These commands are some of the most important that you can use. It would be a huge shame if Valve were to remove them from online play, and would surely receive backlash from the community. Unlike an official field-of-view slider, these settings don’t give an unfair advantage to those that use them, so we see no reason why they’d ever be blocked from use. There are plenty of console commands that Valve doesn’t allow online, but these don’t fall into that category.

Are these all of the CS2 viewmodel commands?

No. There are plenty of other viewmodel commands available in-game you can use to customize your experience further. However, these are the ones that we feel have the most tangible benefit to the average player, making the most difference by using the smallest amount of console commands. Anything beyond this is really getting into the nitty-gritty details of the viewmodel, and the differences for most would be unnoticeable unless you’re a Counter-Strike pro.

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