First IEM Katowice Matches confirmed

The first matches for the IEM Katowice Major have now been confirmed. Take a read through this article to see how things have been seeded and what we expect to see from the first stage of matches starting later this month.

IEM Katowice Major Matches start this month

If you didn’t know already, the IEM Katowice Major begins on Wednesday 13 February, 2019. The first round of matches will continue up until February 17. If you’re able to put aside your plans, you’ll be able to catch a number of top teams playing out during those days. Here is a look at each of those matches.



First up is fnatic vs ViCi. As you could imagine, this will be a pretty clean opportunity for fnatic. Next, NRG will go up against Winstrike. Once again, it’s weighted in the former’s favor, but perhaps not by quite as much.

After that, we’ll see Cloud9 go up against Grayhound. Has the new EU heavy roster had enough time to practice to defeat Grayhound? We’ll have to wait and see. Then, NiP will go up against FURIA. FURIA has rocketed into success fairly quickly, so we’re just as worried about NiP as everybody else.

After, ENCE will go up against Spirit. This will surely be an interesting match against two tier 2 teams. Then, Vitality will go up against TYLOO. I’m hoping to see TYLOO show up to this match like they did in the last Major.

For the penultimate match for the first round, G2 will face up to Vega Squadron. Should be an easy G2 win, right? Well, let’s hope so. Vega has pulled more surprising shock upsets before this one. Finally, AVANGAR will go up against Renegades, the one team that always shows up to majors, but never makes it to the playoffs. Come on Renegades, you can do it!

Wondering where the other teams are? Remember that this is the new Challengers stage. So, teams like BIG, FaZe, Astralis, and NaVi won’t be seen until the new Legends stage, which starts February 20th, after a short break.

What are your thoughts on these matches? Are you excited to see the IEM Katowice Major play out? I know I certainly am!

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