Is Complexity Title Contender? Inconsistencies And Possible Upgrades

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Complexity has shown flashes of brilliance in CS2 on a few occasions but always failed to establish themselves as a consistent playoff team. The question is: Is Complexity a title contender?

After IEM Sydney 2023 and the BLAST Fall Final, it seemed like Complexity would be one of the best CS2 teams in the world, but that hype quickly died down after their disappointing end to the year and a slow start to 2024.

However, their top-four run at ESL Pro League Season 19 reinvigorated the squad and gave fans of the NA organization hope that they can be competitive against the world’s best.

Complexity CS2

Credit: Complexity

The EliGE Show

Since departing Liquid and becoming Complexity’s main man, EliGE has been simply unrivalled. The 26-year-old is currently one of the best riflers in CS2, delivering heaps of impact with his aggressive plays and entry fragging prowess every time he enters the server.

Over his 10 month tenure with Complexity, he’s averaging an exceptional 1.19 rating and he keeps up his very high level of performance against elite opposition as well. There’s no denying that the change of scenery was a massive part of EliGE finding his form again.

The only issue is that EliGE, and perhaps hallzerk, are the only two Complexity players putting up solid individual numbers most of the time. It’s safe to say that without EliGE’s contributions, Complexity is just an “ok” NA team, and not a title contender, struggling to challenge European competition, and that’s not where they want to be.

Inconsistent Support Cast

Are Complexity title contenders?

Complexity has shown inconsistency in their performances (Source: Stephanie Lindgren @ PGL)

While virtually all members of Complexity’s roster have great pop off potential, they are prone to having underwhelming maps, where they struggle to find their game and deliver any impact.

The two main offenders are Grim and floppy, with the American duo heavily under-performing in the past three months, compared to other players occupying the same positions on the map and playing in similar roles.

Unless they succeed in addressing these issues and solve their inconsistencies, Complexity could look to improve their squad with other players on the market. The only issue is that there aren’t any obvious upgrades in the Americas region, where they’d probably want to remain as a team.

Potential Upgrades

The first place to look for would be M80’s roster, where any of Reck, Swisher, or even malbsMD could suit some of Complexity’s needs. Reck and Swisher play similar anchor spots to Floppy, while malbsMD has some positional overlay with Grim.

Beyond that, there are no other players in North America that are clear upgrades over who they already have. However, Complexity could look outside of NA, which could be a viable option. In that case, they could secure the services of jks – an experienced anchor at the top of his game, who already knows the organization, and is currently without a team.

A safe pair of hands like jks might be just what Complexity need to get over the line in the high-pressure playoff matches that they’ve been struggling with. Moreover, with his addition Complexity would still be able to play in the Americas RMR, so their Major qualification chances wouldn’t be hampered. Unless floppy finds his game in the next few events, a one-for-one swap for jks might become a reality.

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