Underdogs win as ENCE crash out of PGL Major Copenhagen 2024

With three days down, we’re almost at the finish line for the opening stage of the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024. The first CS2 Major has exceeded all expectations so far – we’ve already got a few Cinderella stories well underway, and we’ve seen some favorites play some great CS.

We’ve got the lowdown on everything that went down on day three, in what was arguably the most exciting day of the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 so far!

The winning underdogs

PGL Major Copenhagen 2024

Credit: Stephanie Lindgren | © PGL

After being one of our 0:3 choices for our PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 Pick’ems, ECSTATIC have made it all the way to the Elimination Stage. With the hometown heroes operating far beyond their limited resources, we’ve never been more happy to be wrong. The Danes took down Imperial here, with Nodios looking particularly impressive.

Then, there was paiN. We didn’t think the Brazilians had it in them to qualify pre-tournament, but once again, they’ve proved us wrong. There are very few fragging IGLs out there like biguzera at the moment, and we’d love to see what he could do with a stronger all-round roster. Let’s see what they can achieve in the Elimination Stage after besting an in-form SAW roster here.

Crashing out early

PGL Major Copenhagen 2024

Credit: Joao Ferreira | © PGL

It was heartbreak for ENCE, who fell at the hands of FURIA. Here, it was hard to pin the blame on any one player – they all underperformed in a 2:0 series that never really looked close. With the Major now out of the way, we wonder if ENCE persevere with the Polish + gla1ve project, or if a change in direction is taken.

Apeks were perhaps the biggest disappointment of the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 so far. Their fate is now secure after a rough 2:0 clean sweep against Brazilian overperformers Legacy. Only jkaem showed up on the day, and again we wonder if Apeks are a team that will look to make some big roster changes in the upcoming post-Major shuffle.

One last chance

PGL Major Copenhagen 2024

Credit: Joao Ferreira | © PGL

It’s last chance saloon tomorrow for some very strong teams, the first of which is Imperial. We’ve been extremely impressed with what this Brazilian roster have been doing on the server, but falling to ECSTATIC means they must take on GamerLegion for one of the final Elimination Stage spots.

Then, there’s GamerLegion themselves. After replacing 9Pandas at the eleventh hour for the Major, it’s incredible that they’re even in the 2:2 bracket. It’s been some effort so far, but if they’re to go through, they need a big step up from keoz. He’s the key man who will be the difference between winning and losing in our eyes.

Also keep an eye on FURIA. After going 0:2 on day one, you’d be forgiven for thinking they were down and out. They look to complete an impressive reverse sweep against SAW, putting Brazilian CS in a strong spot for the rest of the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024.

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