MIBR to join Zotac Cup Masters after Liquid pull out

After the Zotac Cup Masters looked like an event populated by tier 2 teams, the only team with a clear chance to win has left. We’re of course talking about Team Liquid, who has now pulled out of the event and has been replaced by MIBR.

We’re still looking to see who the final team will be for the Zotac Cup Masters tournament, but at this point, MIBR may finally be in the position for taking a tournament win.

After their huge run of wins in 2017, MIBR, who was known as SK at the time, have struggled to get back to the top after falling into somewhat of a slump in early 2018.

Their current roster is primarily the same, although Stewie2K is now in the mix, replacing Boltz. This current lineup has now had three whole months to play together, so they should be in a position to take Zotac Cup Masters uncontested. Here’s a look at MIBR’s competition and the event schedule.

Zotac Cup Masters Tournament – Why we think MIBR will win

Firstly, let’s look at the teams that are taking part in the Zotac Cup Masters tournament. Zotac has slowly been unveiling teams over the past few weeks. At this point, we now know about 7 of the 8 participating teams.

MIBR join zotac

Here is a full look at the team lineup for Zotac Cup Masters:

  • VG.Flash
  • TyLoo
  • MVP PK
  • Virtus.Pro
  • Kinguin
  • Ghost
  • MIBR
  • TBA

As you can see, out of all of these teams, there aren’t any names that immediately leap out at us besides MIBR. We of course have Virtus.Pro, but they have been performing disgustingly bad here, so they are out of the question.

TyLoo has performed well enough to fight their way into some big name playoffs before, but they never have what it takes to play it out to the end. There is some talent on Kinguin, Ghost, MVP PK, and even VG.Flash, but none of these teams have ever managed to win out against tier one teams.

MIBR obviously isn’t at the top of the CS:GO world right now, but they’re still a formidable tier 1 opponent and will put up a strong fight against lesser teams.

All of the teams in the current lineup should be an easy fight for MIBR, so long as they hold their ground and play safe. MIBR could play the most textbook Counter Strike we’ve ever seen and come out on top with good communication alone. We just have to hope that Fallen realizes that.

This is an important event for MIBR because, despite their roster change, they haven’t had much luck in events since then.

MIBR need a bit of a confidence boost to show them that they are still a very skilled lineup of players. A $300,000 tournament win could be the confidence MIBR need to get themselves back in top shape to fight against other tier 1 teams.

For those interested in watching the Zotac Cup Masters tournament, the event will play out from August 24, 2018 until August 26, 2018. Will you be tuning in?

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