Thunderpick WC 2024 Qualifiers – The Winners So Far

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The first set of regional Qualifiers are finally complete for the Thunderpick World Championship 2024, with EU, SA, and NA all waiting their turn. With three teams decided, we’re taking a look at all the winners, so you can keep on top of the state of play so far.


Thunderpick WC 2024

Credit: Thunderpick

BLEED came through the EU Qualifiers of the Thunderpick World Championship 2024, beating some stiff competition along the way in the likes of Gaimin Gladiators and BIG. They certainly earned their place in the October LAN CS2 tournament, although the roster we see there will look considerably different from the one that qualified.

In the time since BLEED qualified for the Thunderpick World Championship 2024, they have replaced both VLDN and CeRq with jkaem and nawwk from Apeks. When two players of that caliber become available, it’s understandable that you move Heaven and Earth to make it happen. Still, you’ve got to feel a little for the duo that helped them qualify in the first place. Seeing kassad’s BLEED on LAN will certainly be an interesting prospect later this year.

SA – Imperial

Thunderpick World Championship

Credit: Thunderpick

Imperial are often seen as the best South American Counter-Strike has to offer, with young talents like decenty and noway proving the perfect foil for veterans like HEN1 and felps. It’s only right that Imperial are the first South American representatives in the Thunderpick World Championship 2024, having come out on top in the SA Qualifier.

It was a legit run to qualification too, beating other top teams such as 9z and Fluxo, as well as Lionel Messi’s KRÜ roster. When the Thunderpick World Championship 2024 begins later this year, we expect Imperial to cause some real problems for other teams.

NA – M80

Thunderpick WC 2024

Credit: Thunderpick

M80 proved the victors of the most recent Thunderpick WC 2024 Qualifiers, showing themselves as the rising stars of NA Counter-Strike. Overall, it was a pretty comfortable run, with their toughest opposition coming in the Grand Final against a Nouns team rejuvenated by the recent addition of CS:GO Major winner RUSH.

This was another tournament that continued to prove the rise of malbsMd, who really is the star of this M80 roster. He’s the kind of name the big teams will be sniffing around when it comes to the upcoming player break, so hopefully M80 can hang on, and we’ll see malbsMd representing the NA team at the Thunderpick World Championship 2024 later this year.

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