Crimsix Joins FaZe Clan as Racing Sim Competitor

In September last year, ahead of the 2023 Call of Duty League season, legendary and decorated competitor, Crimsix, announced his retirement. Following one of the winningest careers in Call of Duty esports, Crimsix hung up the sticks to pursue content creation, but it seems he’s now getting back into the thick of it. Hours ago, it was revealed that Crim has signed with FaZe Clan and that he will represent the organisation in racing simulation esports.

For months, Crimsix has been exploring his passion (and affinity) for racing simulators on Twitch. He’s built a full-fledged simulation setup in his home, and as a gearhead, he’s naturally drawn to racing simulation games. It makes complete sense for him to join FaZe in the capacity that he has, but his talents are so impressive that he’ll be entering the organisation as a dedicated racing sim esports competitor.

Crimsix, The Car Guy


Rennsport is the game that Crimsix is pivoting to.

Crim will be an integral part of a four-man squad heading to Poland this weekend to compete at IEM Katowice. It’s a star-studded event packed full of gaming tournaments, and it’s already underway, with the iconic CSGO portion of the event rolling out as we speak. This news comes mere months after Crimsix stunned the industry by announcing his retirement from Call of Duty esports after more than ten years in the business.

Since he departed from the scene, he’s been working hard to build himself up as a credible content creator. This was quite easy, given his existing following, and like Seth ‘Scump’ Abner, who retired just weeks ago, Crimsix is already flying up the charts as a Call of Duty creator.

Now, it seems it’s time for Crimsix to rotate out into something completely different. During his attendance at IEM Katowice, Crim will be competing on Rennsport, an all-new racing sim experience that’s currently in a closed beta phase, but has already been penned as the future of virtual or simulation racing games. In the words of Rennsport’s developers, the game is an evolution in racing technology, and it offers the most realistic experience possible.

There are great things ahead for Crimsix, without any shadow of a doubt. It was tough news to hear that he was retiring from Call of Duty esports, given the circumstances surrounding the decision. However, by signing with FaZe Clan, Crimsix has secured a spot in a prestigious organisation, and it’s under this banner that he will likely blossom once again.

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