Amazon have conquered E-commerce, it’s now time for the Blockchain!

Amazon is one of the BIGGEST e-commerce organizations in the world, started by the illusive Jeff Bezos. Coming from a somewhat humble beginning, Amazon started off as an online bookseller.

Founded in 1994 in Washington, Amazon came at a time where the internet had large scepticism about it.

Fast forward to 2023, Amazon has left these opinions behind and are now a global powerhouse. They sell a whole host of products and services to customers and businesses.

The global lockdowns in 2020 saw Amazon really rise to fame as everyone was at home and had more time on their hands to browse the internet. Not only do they sell books, but food, home smart devices, clothing, tech… the list goes on.

In 2022 and now going into 2023, Amazon has started to show their interest in Web3 and crypto games. Whilst starting their own Prime Gaming efforts back in 2016, it is good to see their open minded approach to the industry. Many are still speculative about Web3 gaming including the likes of Bill Gates, Nintendo and Rockstar Games to name a few…


@ Avalanche

Amazon teaming up with Avalanche

Recent headlines are showing that AWS (Amazon Web Services) have teamed with Avalanche (AVAX), a popular blockchain network. The main aim for this collaboration is to bring wider adoption of Crypto to different institutions and organizations.

The team behind Avalanche are Ava Labs and they have built Avalanche as a layer-1 blockchain therefore making it a base blockchain list, similar to BNB and Bitcoin. Due to this Avalanche can validate and finalize transactions without other networks.

Whilst aiming to make blockchain integration more accessible, users will also be treated to access and launch nodes via the Avalanche blockchain.

AWS will also work alongside Decentralized Apps (dApp) and infrastructure to strengthen the network. It will also be added to the AWS Activate. If you are looking to join the Avax network, the Activate program as it helps smaller organizations and entrepreneurs scale their vision.

Ava Labs has also joined the APN (AWS Partner Network) where organizations can deploy projects via AWS.There are more than 100, 000 partners across 150 countries on this network.

“Over 200,000 startups came through our doors, so we know what excellence looks like. That’s [including] Netflix, Uber and Airbnb — they have redefined verticals and we have the audacity to think others [like them] are out there, including Ava.” – AWS

As a result of the news of Avalanche’s token, AVAX has risen by a steady 30% sitting at $16 per token.

Hopefully we see some games from the Avalanche blockchain being launched via AWS’s cloud services.

Amazon are no stranger to the blockchain

Back in December of 2021 amidst the Crypto boom and the mania experienced with tokens all time high prices, Amazon Prime Gaming teamed up with Mythical Games on their Blankos Block Party title.

This collaboration was the first one on Blankos Block Party and was an NFT character and item drop that could be used in-game.

Users could claim the following: NFT Blanko, NFT Jetpack Accessory, NFT Head Accessory, NFT Necklace Accessory, XP Chips, Gumballs, Blanko Bucks and Moola. It was simple to obtain by linking active Amazon Prime Gaming accounts to the Blankos Block Party account.

Blankos Block Party is a free to play NFT game brought to us by Mythical Games. It is a quirky party game similar to Fall Guys. Give it a try for yourself.

Hopefully we see some more projects from Amazon as they are covering all aspects of Web3 for gamers and developers alike. A name like this on the blockchain is a clear indication that mass adoption is upon the horizon.