How can I earn in The Sandbox Crypto Game?

The Sandbox is one of the top played games on the blockchain. It is a fun and quirky way to be introduced to crypto gaming as Animoca Brands have teamed up with reputable brands and companies in this title.

If you were to search “crypto games” on Google search, you would see The Sandbox be recommended at the top of the page. 2023 is set to be another great year for this project as we see new experiences being teased.

Like other Web3 games, The Sandbox offers different ways for players to earn whilst they play the game. Read on to find out what makes The Sandbox metaverse one of the best Play-To-Earn titles to get stuck in with in 2023.


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How to earn in The Sandbox metaverse

Unlike many crypto games we have seen, The Sandbox’s gameplay is immersive. To many at first glance it looks like a 3rd person version of Minecraft with smoother textures and gameplay.

Earning in The Sandbox is fun and challenging at the same time. This means the end goal is extremely rewarding!

Making and Selling NFTs

NFTs are at the forefront of The Sandbox. With the in-game NFT maker VoxEdit, players can make pixel art NFTs to be used in the game. They can then be sold on The Sandbox NFT Marketplace and external marketplaces like OpenSea.

Categories of NFTs include: Avatars, Entity, Equipment, Art and LAND/Estate.

Some are worth more than others, for example Republic Realm x The Sandbox real estate sold for $4.3 million back in 2021 at the height of the game’s popularity.

NFTs in this crypto game have “Catalyst” rankings: Legendary, Epic, Rare and Common. This can affect the pricing.

They also have “Gem” statistics: Power, Defense, Magic, Speed and Luck.

Purchasing NFTs become an asset both inside and outside of the game, thanks to The Sandbox NFTs being a part of the “Interoperability” model on the blockchain. This allows your NFTs from this blockchain game to be accessible on other dApps.

Earning $SAND token

The Sandbox has its own native token called SAND. Currently you can purchase it on many popular exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase. The price is fairly cheap at $0.67 but has seen all time high prices of $8.44.

To earn $SAND you can complete in-game challenges and quests. You can also follow the steps above and create your own NFTs to sell on the marketplace.

If you have managed to acquire some LAND in this game, you can rent it out to developers who aim to build their own games within The Sandbox.

Once you make your own experiences, you are then able to monetize them earning additional $SAND.

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Staking your $SAND tokens

In The Sandbox you are able to stake your $SAND tokens to earn more rewards in and out of the game.

Currently you are able to stake your tokens over the Ethereum and Polygon networks.

Staking allows you to give up your assets and put them to work via the designated blockchain list. Doing so means transactions can be verified and the overall experience on the blockchain is improved. As a result of locking up your funds for a certain amount of time, you earn more SAND tokens which can be used in or out of The Sandbox ecosystem.

Other ways to earn in The Sandbox

This Web3 game is community driven and the developers hold regular livestreams fans can tune into. As a reward for tuning in, you are able to earn NFTs and p2e tokens.

There are also community based contests in different experiences. They are held regularly and offer gamers the chance to show off their creativity and skills.

Joining the Ambassador Program is also another way to earn in The Sandbox. Spaces are limited and only the most knowledgeable and active gamers are chosen. For participation you can earn consistent rewards.

There we have our guide to earning in The Sandbox metaverse experience!

Be on the lookout for new updates and experiences in this game. If this is your first time hearing about it or want to learn more, visit their official site and give the game a go today.