Welcome to our Binance review. You might already know that Binance is one of the largest crypto brokers in the world, but we wanted to see what this site is like for fans of gaming and betting.

After all, cryptocurrencies are starting to become more common form of currency for online gambling, so we might as well as where Binance fits in. So that whether you’re looking to buy Bitcoin, sell NFTs or just check out the cryptocurrency market, you’ll find all of the answers you need in our Binance review.

Binance Review

Why Binance is one of the top crypto brokers

Binance has at least 400 different kinds of cryptocurrencies that you can trade on its platform. Obviously, much of the attention is focused on Bitcoin here and you’ll find no shortage of market data to help you figure out whether you should buy or sell the world’s largest crypto.

However, our Binance review also found that this a great site for trading Ethereum which is sure to be of interest to anyone who’s into crypto games. Beyond this, you’ll see all of the other crypto big-hitters like Solana, Cardano, Ripple, Polkadot, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and many more coins that we’ve never heard of.

Binance also features a good amount of stable coins such as Tether which could offer a less risky investment option as these cryptos are tied to always be worth a certain amount compared to a currency like the US dollar. Plus should note that Binance even has its own BNB cryptocurrency. This has become valuable in its own right and can be used to make any transaction fees on the Binance site – definitely useful for anyone who’s been caught out by the Axie Infinity gas fee. All in all, it’s an impressive performance here, and we can see that Binance offers a comprehensive crypto trading service.

NFTs found in our Binance review

If you’ve got some of the top NFT tokens, you’re still going to need a place to trade them. This is where Binance comes in as it’s got a great NFT marketplace. While this is a relatively new feature of the site, it’s already proving to be very popular. The main difference that you’ll find from other kinds of NFT marketplace is the fact that you’ll be buying and selling many of these digital assets in the Binance coin cryptocurrency. However, there are others that you’ll see displayed in Ethereum while there’s always a USD currency conversion alongside.

Trending NFTs Binance

Beyond this, you can browse around the NFT marketplace and find thousands of assets range from mystery boxes from Italian soccer stars to cute artworks of pretty much anything you can think of.

However, it’s gaming NFTs that Binance excels at. Nowhere is this more visible than through the quality initial game offerings that you find at this site. These IGOs are exclusive sales of NFTs from some major game developers. As such, you could be first in line to get anything from a unique weapon to an exclusive skin that could be worth so much more in years to come. Recent IGOs featured at Binance included one for the excellent Summoners Arena RPG game, as well as StarSharks, Dark Frontiers, Mytheria, Syn City and much more.

Binance NFT

Top marks for usability in our Binance review

The good news is that it’s actually pretty easy to use the Binance site and you won’t need to be an expert in cryptocurrencies to get started. We carried out the bulk of this Binance review on the brand’s stylish and intuitively designed website, but were pleased to see that there are also Binance apps available on iOS and Android mobile devices.

It’s a site that’s packed with all of the latest information about what’s happening regarding the price of your preferred cryptocurrencies – essential for anyone involved in NFT stocks. Beyond the changing crypto prices you’ll see the main tabs for trading cryptos and NFTs, as well as some more advanced options like futures and so on. Much of what’s on the Binance site is probably beyond most gamers and betting fans, but you’ll find it easy to get straight into the action of buying and selling your digital assets.

Making payments at this crypto brokers site

Once you’ve decided which crypto or NFT you want to buy, you’ll find easy ways to do so. First, you’ll have to make a deposit which can be done in a variety of different currencies like British pounds, Euros, US dollars and so on. This means that you can use regular currency in which to buy a cryptocurrency. So you can come to Binance and buy Bitcoin with US dollars, Ethereum with euros, Dogecoin in pounds and so on.

Most people will probably make a deposit with a bank card like Visa or MasterCard. However, our Binance review found that depositing via this payment method carries a 1.8% fee. Such fees can be bypassed if you deposit via P2P Express or through SEPA transfer. We found that all deposits went through in little more than five minutes. Please note that payment methods differ from country to country, some may not be available in yours.

USD payment binance

We also found that it was fast and easy to make withdrawals from the Binance site. You could do so straight to your crypto wallet, or you could even make a withdrawal back to a regular currency like US dollars. The time taken for crypto withdrawals obviously demands on the number of network confirmations required to authorise the payment, while withdrawals of regular currencies could be instant if you have Visa Direct.

Just bear in mind that there will be fees for transactions on the Binance site. Thankfully these are all clearly listed in the Fees section in the site footer so that you shouldn’t get caught out.

Getting help from the Binance crypto brokers

We have to admit that we had a pretty easy time using the Binance site. However, we were glad to find that it was very simple to get some expert help from the brand’s customer care team. All that we had to do was tap on the live chat icon in the bottom right of the website and from here we could get a friendly and professional response to our queries.

Beyond this, you can also send Binance an email and the brand looks like it is active on its Instagram and Twitter social media channels. There’s also a seriously in-depth FAQ section in the support centre that has more information than you’re ever going to need. It’s a great place to look for if you need help with anything as simple as resetting a password to understanding more about how you can trade cryptocurrencies and much more. All of which shows that Binance is a crypto broker that is more than willing to help its loyal customers.

Why you can trust Binance

It’s always a good idea to be safe rather than sorry when you’re playing with real money. There are lots of scam crypto trading sites out there that give you absolutely nothing in terms of safety when you buy or sell cryptocurrencies. Thankfully, this isn’t something that you should worry about when you are at Binance.

This is because Binance has all of the necessary authority to operate in many countries around the world. While Binance has run into trouble with the financial conduct authorities in the UK and the US, it is still arguably one of the most trusted sites for cryptocurrency trading in the world. With an average volume of two billion traded every day, it’s a testament to the sheer size and success of the Binance platform.

Plus we have to say that we were impressed with how Binance values your online safety. There’s a lengthy privacy policy in the website footer that details how Binance will look after your data, and we were pleased to see that the site features all of the required digital encryption technologies. All of this means that Binance is a site that you can trust for anything from trading cryptocurrencies to buying or selling NFTs.

Binance Security

Conclusion – Highlights from our Binance review

It’s easy to see why Binance is one of the world’s largest crypto brokers. After all, it gives you a secure and easy way to trade hundreds of cryptocurrencies and its NFT marketplace is also hugely promising. We loved how easy it was to get started on the Binance site and there’s also enough here to satisfy those more experienced crypto fans.

If you’re reading this, then you are probably just getting started in using either cryptocurrencies or NFTs. As such, we’d recommend Binance for your buying and selling as it’s a site you can trust and it doesn’t overwhelm you with too much in the way of unnecessary information.

Plus we have to remind you of the fact that Binance has lots of exclusive NFTs on offer for some seriously impressive crypto games. All of which means that we have no hesitation about recommending that you sign up to Binance for anything to do with cryptocurrencies or NFTs.