Crypto gaming is decentralized, where players can own and sell their in-game assets. In this form of gaming, all the information about the assets is stored on the blockchain. This means that rewards and other resources earned may work seamlessly with other games. These possibilities open up the potential for top NFT tokens and how they can be used.

Top NFT Tokens

An Introduction to Crypto Gaming

Cryptocurrency has gained widespread attention in a short time. Its advanced network technology is being used to improve the efficiency of various industries. As a result, game developers started creating apps based on blockchain technology.

The games made using blockchain technology are referred to as Crypto games. Before playing these games, one should first understand what a blockchain is and its core functionality.

What is Blockchain?

A blockchain is a ledger that stores information on a network. Its secure and decentralized nature makes it ideal for keeping track of transactions. Another critical component of blockchain is preventing unauthorized access to its information. Its database is always available for all connected users, ensuring no central connection control is available.

The items and components of most games are centralized. They can’t be used for other games. In crypto games, everyone associated with the game can own a portion of it. Players can also transfer their in-game purchases to other games. This means that the various types of content, such as skins and characters in a game, cannot be used for other games.

Traditional vs Crypto Games

In traditional game development, the developers own all the digital assets, such as in-game weapons, currency and XP.

In crypto games, the user owns the items obtained during the course of the game. Since crypto games are developed on the blockchain, all the connected computers have the same amount of information, giving them equal powers and controls.

Crypto games can use blockchain technology for two different purposes. One is to create the whole game, while the other is to only use it for in-game currency and the application of gaming tokens. In the former scenario, all transactions within the game are verified and stored in the blockchain. For the latter, NFTs are used for in-game assets. These items and assets can be sold or traded for real-world money.

With this in mind, it is crucial to know the top NFT games for individuals looking to make money in crypto gaming.

Top NFT Tokens

This list features the top NFT tokens that are great for starting with. These coins are integrated into NFTs and are very popular in the crypto gaming space. They go a long way in answering the question of “How do NFTs work?”

1. Enjin Coin

Enjin Coin - NFT Token

Enjin has been leading the NFT gaming industry since its inception in 2017. They were already a successful gaming company before they joined the crypto space. Now, Enjin is one of the most prominent tokens out there. Enjin Coin can be used inside NFT game items. Old and unwanted items can also be melted back into Enjin Coins when needed. The coin was considered one of the more successful projects in 2022.


Sandbox - NFT Token

Imagine a decentralized version of Minecraft where anyone can own plots of land and build their own game. SAND makes it possible to monetize NFT game items and properties by creating assets using a voxel editor in an infinite metaverse. This is an ecosystem where anyone can get in touch with land and items. Massive brands such as the walking Dead have already claimed territory, and the coin is sure to expand as crypto games become more popular.

3. AXS

AXS - NFT Token

Axie Infinity is the most popular NFT game right now. The AXS token is the governance token that gives players a say in the game’s direction. This token is like investing in stocks in Axie Infinity.
You can perform various in-game tasks such as creating new Axies, farming, breeding and even battling other Axies. These characters are tied to AXS tokens that can rise in value and help you earn money, depending on how creative you are with them.

4. OMI

OMI - NFT Token
Most people are unaware that Ecomi/VeVe is a digital NFT project that has secured some of the world’s top IP. They are creating digital NFTs that can be sold through their mobile app, VeVe. These NFTs are known to be occasionally interactive and viewed in AR. The performance of this token has been somewhat poor as it only existed on GoChain. However, due to their migration to Immutable X/Ethereum, this token’s value could increase significantly.

5. SPS

SPS - NFT Token
Another popular NFT card game is Splinterlands, which has released its governance token SPS. The game is known for allowing players to obtain NFTs that are playable in the game. The game provides various levels of decision making and gives you control over products and items. Due to its popularity, SPS has been recognized as a top NFT token. The SPS token has various advantages, such as its governance status and some of the features that are yet to be announced.


GODS - NFT Token
Gods Unchained is a well-designed NFT card game. Players can craft their own NFTs and purchase packs from the game’s marketplace. Its native ERC-20 token, $GODS, is also used to gain voting power, influencing the destiny of the game. GODS is one of the top NFT tokens of 2023 and will allow players to benefit from a variety of advantages. Among these are lower card market fees and a massive platform to make and trade NFTs.


MANA - NFT Token
Decentraland is a decentralized virtual reality platform that enables people to create and monetize events. It currently has over 10,000 events hosts. The platform features a decentralized voting system that enables people to monetize their content. The MANA token is one that has surged in the last 12 months, seeing a rise of over 4000%. Due to the popularity of NFT wearables, the entire ecosystem is heavily focused on the MANA token.

What is WAX?

WAX is an NFT ecosystem that enables anyone to launch a successful NFT collection easily. Its robust ecosystem includes various digital marketplaces and games. It is an NFT platform that allows anyone to buy and sell NFTs. Its native token is required to transact within its ecosystem.

WAX is a must-know platform for anyone interested in NFTs. It has partnered with some of the biggest brands in the world and is currently offering a low fee NFT platform.

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These are most of the top NFT tokens to invest in, but others exist and are in production. Many companies are joining the crypto gaming space as the existing NFT tokens increase in value.