Gala Games Announce Partnership with Mark Wahlberg and The Rock

Gala Games is back in the headlines this week and its looking good for them as they seem to be onboarding some of the world’s hottest celebs into their marketing efforts. Both The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) and Mark Wahlberg have been linked to Gala Games in the past few days.

With this announcement, that was made in the Gala Games official Discord group, the GALA fans were quick to pump their token as it has seen a 155% in 2023 alone!

Judging from their message, fans will be treated to movies and top NFT tokens from Gala Games in conjunction with the Hollywood Stars. “We aren’t slowing down guys and I’m glad you’re on the ride with us!”

@ Gala Games

What is Gala Games?

Gala Games are a subsidiary of Zynga Games, the brains behind Farmville, the annoying Facebook we all loved to hate. Founded back in 2005 they are somewhat of a veteran in the crypto games industry and have taken the Web3 gaming space by storm.

“Think about it for a moment…. imagine going to a movie and there is a qr code on your ticket to redeem a digital item. That item has been selling on OpenSea so why wouldn’t you at least take a look?”

It has been noted that the $GALA token will be used as the gas token for the Gala Music and Gala Film projects.

Whilst the 2 stars haven’t brought these recent announcements to their fan’s attention just yet, media outlets have reported on this and it’s only a matter of time until it becomes a known thing.

Other celebs in the past have been linked to cryptocurrency marketing, like Matt Damon for example and even Taylor Swift who took a $100 million sponsorship from FTX. However we all know by now how that one ended…

It must be noted whilst news is running rampant, Gala have gone ahead deleted their announcements. With how much foul play has occurred within Web3 gaming, could this be a quick way to pump the coin which at this given moment is fairly worthless.

Only time will tell on this one, in the meantime check out Gala Games!