NFT Giveaway set to go live during this year’s Super Bowl

The Super Bowl tournament is this month, the 12th of February to be exact. The Philadelphia Eagles take on the Kansa City Chiefs at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

Millions will be watching this sporting event as they do every year as a buzz is felt by American Football fans all over the world. The Super Bowl commercial breaks have become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon and are an aspect of this yearly tradition.

We have seen sponsor their own sports stadium and now a web3 related company is back in the world of sport. Limit Break are making the headlines as they have managed to bag their very own commercial slot at this year’s Super Bowl.


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Keep an eye out for Limit Break

How cool is it that a new and upcoming Web3 company has weaved its way into the Super Bowl. Limit Break a Mobile Gaming developer from the United States. They have managed to raise a considerable lump of finances.

$6.5 million has been poured into this commercial making it a big deal if you ask us. The ad is going to have a focus on DigiDaigaku, an NFT game from the team. Viewers will have to keep a look out as a QR code can be found somewhere in the ad.

By scanning the code, viewers can access an exclusive NFT collectible. Spaces are limited on this one with only 10, 000 NFTs being made available. Imagine millions are watching this commercial, meaning you’ll have to be in the know to reap the rewards of this drop.

“There will be a QR code on screen. And anybody can scan it and then mint an NFT from the DigiDaigaku collection. I think this is going to be a really big deal because I think it’s going to change television advertising.” – Gabe Leydon, CEO of Limit Break.

Usually free NFT drops are not done at this scale, even Cristiano Ronaldo managed to release his own NFT collection via Binance. However, it till not receive this much attention compared to Limit Breaks upcoming venture.

What is the NFT?

The NFT on offer is a collectible dragon NFT from the Web3 project DigiDaigaku. DigiDaigaku is an extremely popular NFT project built on the Ethereum Blockchain list.

Created only back in August 2022, it features anime style artwork of characters and has had multiple drops so far. All of which have gained a lot of notoriety and traction amongst online NFT communities.

DigiDaigaku NFT floor price on is an impressive one. It sits currently at 12.6899 ETH, with over 855 owners. 45% of this figure are unique owners.


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Limit Break’s founders are no strangers to Super Bowl commercials. Their other company, Machine Zone, is a mobile game developer who spent $5 million on an ad with Arnold Schwarzenegger in an effort to promote their game “Mobile Strike”.

This featured back in 2016 and was a huge success from the marketing down to the execution.

Who doesn’t love free things? Especially free Web3 related items like this DigiDaigaku NFT drop.

Hopefully the Super Bowl audience sees the intention with this commercial. The Crypto Winter from 2022 is maybe being lifted as we see updates like this from key players and also the top NFT token prices surging in both DeFi and GameFi.

If you are watching the Super Bowl, enjoy! If you didn’t have plans to, maybe this NFT project will make you tune in?