Cryptocurrency faces scrutiny as Mailchimp blocks all crypto content

Many businesses and content creators use email marketing services such as Mailchimp to publish content for their audiences.

With 11 million active users Mailchimp is one of the biggest email marketing platforms attracting large brands and organisations to their platform.

With the recent surge in cryptocurrency related content, the service has recently halted users from sending out content to recipients.

Creators have also reported having difficulties logging into their accounts last week with all of these happenings receiving no prior warning from Mailchimp.

As a result of the above, Crypto platforms and related companies have taken to Twitter to showcase their frustrations.


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Mailchimp users have shown their distress

The most notable creators to be troubled by these recent events are Messari and Decrypt.

Messari is a popular platform used by crypto traders and investors alike. They offer reports and data on different currencies and trends, essentially a hub for up to date news for those involved in the space.

Decrypt, a popular news outlet for tech and finance news also fell victim to the recent doings from Mailchimp. This is despite them using Mailchimp’s services for over 4 years.

“Today, Mailchimp, which we have used for 4+ years, deactivated our newsletter account with no warning or explanation. Now I see from Twitter searches it has happened to lots of crypto content creators this week. Has it happened to you? We’d like to hear about it.” – Decrypt founder via Twitter

For many that have recently joined in with crypto investing and trading they may be unbeknown to the past problems crypto creators have faced with Mailchimp.

It was around 3-4 years ago where Mailchimp were again penalising those publishing crypto content, despite it not having as much media and public attention back then.

The History books are repeated

Many, many more outlets will be affected by this recent event with many people’s livelihoods being affected due to the potential earnings businesses are exposed through from email marketing services like Mailchimp.

As always there is a lot of speculation around the true purpose of Mailchimp’s recent legislation.

Internal structure has changed recently at Mailchimp seeing key figures in the business parting their ways.

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The CEO and co-founder of Mailchimp, Ben Chestnut being one of the major figures to leave after over 2 decades of service at the company.

With key figures leaving this creates potential room for the status quo of the company to change with new policies and regulations being put in place after their departure.

With Mailchimp being owned by higher funding organisation, Thoma Bravo, their beliefs and mindset on digital currencies such as crypto could have leaked into Mailchimp’s approach to both business and also services available via their performance.

Let us know your verdict

Overall this is a fairly troubling headline that has definitely had a negative impact for organisations on Mailchimp.

Furthermore, with Mailchimp being one of the top email marketing services available this may act as a reason for businesses to not carry on using their services due to this censorship.

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