CS:GO Introduces New Kart Mode

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) has transcended its humble FPS beginnings for some time now, both externally and internally. This is often the case when an idea or intellectual property is in service to its community; it no longer feels like something owned but has custodians that change hands with the community shaping its future.


Image Credits | PC Gamer

The Modding Community

The CS:GO community has a long history of modding and the latest is CS:GO Kart, which is available for download at the Steam Workshop. This new mod that has captured the imagination of the CS:GO community allows players to capture flag, armed with rockets, as go-karts. It’s hard to ignore the Rocket League inspired ideas behind this mod and the creators of this mod, Dieter Stassen and Luke Millanta, better known as “Two Random Dudes,” have confirmed the same.

Luke Millanta had this to add when talking about the mod:

“Instead of playing as soldiers/humans you instead take the form of a rocket-firing go-kart. From here each team battles it out to capture the other team’s flag and return it to their base. Every time they do this, they score a point. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins. Throughout the map, there are speed boosters, ammo (rockets), teleporters, and health kits/boosters.”

Rocket League in CS:GO

There is a bit of variation to the game as well go-kart also capable of slamming the enemy base and capturing the flag if players use the jump key while the cart is in mid-air. If players can follow this up by taking the flag to their own base, it will be recorded as a capture.

Apart from rockets, players can also slam their go-karts by pressing the jump key while in mid-air. Slamming into the enemy base allows players to capture the flag, which they must carry back to their own base and slam to register a successful capture. The bright neon colors also provide the kart with a particular aesthetic that is sure to draw players to the mod. It’s sort of minimalistic with a cyberpunk vibe to it. This sort of theme isn’t new to gamers, which will breed some familiarity but it’s also surprising that no one else had thought of something like this before.

This sort of mix and mash of video game genres has become increasingly popular over the years with the aforementioned Rocket League becoming one of the pioneers of this sort of creativity in the video game industry. No one expected a soccer game with rocket-powered cars to become such a success but it’s now one of the most popular online video games on the planet and has got its own esport industry and more, all of which are doing very well.

CS:GO Kart goes to show just how invested fans of the video games are the amount of room for ideas that exists within the games. No one knows what’s in store for CS:GO Kart going forward but it’s clearly making some headlines among the CS:GO and larger video game community. It could certainly develop into a lot more in the coming months and years with a bit of polish but is pretty cool as it is.