CS:GO player Zeus enters the SIDUS Metaverse

Esports and web3 are popping up more and more as of recently. With how competitive esports is and the potential that is within web3 gaming it comes as no surprise that they are merging themselves into a new entity for gamers around the world.

Danylo Teslenko, formerly known as ‘Zeus’ by the CS:GO community, has just signed a contract with a new prospect on the blockchain. The 10 year contract is with the game publisher SIDUS GATES, a company looking to change the perception of gaming and NFT trading.


Image Credit | Zeus

With this contract Zeus, who is native of Ukraine, becomes an ambassador and spokesperson for SIDUS. Considering Zeus has well over 150k followers on Twitter, with many watching him worldwide this is great reach not only for SIDUS, but for the whole web3 industry.

Zeus had this to say on his recent collaboration with SIDUS:

“I studied many areas, including crypto technologies and NFT. I met the SIDUS METAVERSE founder and I was inspired by what they’re doing, so I decided to join the team. I plan to use my vast experience in esports to help popularize new products, fit them to cybersports standards and attract a global audience. SIDUS GATES is an exclusive game publisher that onboards gaming studios and their projects to SIDUS METAVERSE.”

Exclusive CS:GO NFT collections will also be released in conjunction with this new partnership. Along with a giveaway from the team, with the grand prize being $100k.

A little more on SIDUS GATES

SIDUS GATES are a GameFi publisher looking to make waves on the blockchain esports and change preconceived notions within the space currently.

The company themselves onboard new projects through their funding and technology integrations to join the SIDUS METAVERSE. Those who join the SIDUS METAVERSE will gain their own native tokens and other fundamentals found in blockchain gaming.

Whilst this is the first big announcement from SIDUS LABS, there are talks for more brands and esports personalities to be brought on board. Their team had this to say also:

“We’re already tightly negotiating with multiple stellar esports athletes and plan to involve them in developing new products. I can’t tell you names but they are pretty impressive.”

Exciting stuff for sure, their website is a great starting point to learn more about this new project. The presentation is immaculate with an engaging web design to promote the storyline and team behind this.

This is a great move for SIDUS, with their recent announcement. Having a popular figure within esports back a project like this shows legitimacy from the get go. Hopefully the Metaverse experience from them is an immersive one that brings value to web3 and those looking to join in with the fun.

Be sure to checkout SIDUS GATES on social media and their website also for more information on what’s to come from them!