June set to be a test of stamina starting with IEM Summer 2021

We are heading towards the most jam packed summer in competitive CSGO to date. IEM Summer 2021 fast approaches, followed by the BLAST Premier Spring Finals and IEM Cologne. In between we have Elisa Invitational Events and ESEA Premier Leagues to keep the entire scene occupied.

Stacked with multiple top tier teams, each event will be a test of stamina for teams as player burnout looms over. Several teams at the top are surging right now, and a clash of the titans is imminent. Though, it may not be between the teams you expect.

Heroic Stavn

Martin “stavn” Lund

Dense Tournament Formats

First up, IEM Summer 2021 will be a real test of endurance for those participating. It features a double elimination GSL type bracket with two groups played over the course of three days. There will be teams that will have to play as many as four different series over that span of time. While that may not seem like a lot, the time they will have to prepare for their next opponent will prove to be a big challenge.

Oftentimes teams will have several days to prepare for one match, examining the opponents strategies in order to figure out their game plan. Instead, overall advantages goes to teams like Gambit, Heroic and G2, who have had a lot of momentum as of late. With less time for their opponents to prepare, these teams can continue to play the way they have been without fear of a team analyzing them and figuring out how to exploit their game. Additionally, with the opening of Best of One, relatively unknown teams like Imperial, FunPlus Phoenix and Extra Salt may benefit being relatively unknown to their opponents.

As soon as IEM Summer ends, Compelxity, EG, Gambit and G2 are playing the BLAST Spring Finals in another condensed 5-day schedule. Meanwhile, teams like BIG have a condensed schedule of both Flashpoint matches, followed by BLAST Finals and ESEA Premier games in between.

In terms of CSGO Betting, your favorites in each individual match up across all June events are G2, Heroic and Gambit. Unless they play each other that is. At some point however, one of these teams is likely to break down and drop an entire set of matches in quick succession. I hope esports betting sites add a category for “team most likely to burn out” for outright predictions.

Gambit and Heroic in Opposite Brackets

So far, 2021 has been the year of Gambit vs Heroic. With several head to head matches with both teams taking victories, they have been set on a crash course once more. If they can both push through the group stage at IEM Summer 2021 , there is a big chance we will see these teams match up once more. Look for them to be tournament favorites.

Less than a month later, they are set to play at IEM Cologne and likely be slotted on opposing sides of the bracket once again. Unless big spoilers come forth, we may be in for a Gambit/Heroic set of summer clashes.

Nothing is Guaranteed

It is, however, far from guaranteed with G2 in Gambits brackets every step of the way. The Russians will have to hope they will continue to be G2’s kryptonite, as G2 have won almost all of their series as of late, with their only two losses coming to Gambit.

Will G2’s Flashpoint form, where they blasted through Heroic NIP and Faze, continue? We can potentially see G2 explode through their opponents with their new found confidence. 

Finally, Spirit is the complete wild card this summer. They recently bested Gambit 2-0 at the CIS RMR EPIC League, and are a on a tear for the last three months. They are also the type of team that plays as many matches as they possibly can. If Spirit can uphold their recent form, they are a force to be reckoned with coming into both IEM events, EPL S14 and Stockholm Major to round out an insane power push. 

On the bright side, CSGO Match Betting markets are set to explode with over 100+ match selections to be featured daily, as the battle for CSGO summer dominance kicks off on June 3rd.