CSGO Transfer Season Intensifies

After a month and a half of speculation and discussion, the post-Major rumor mill has stopped spinning. Some teams looking to add the final pieces of the puzzle in order to become number one believe they have done so. Others have missed out on some prime players and have had to settle for less than they had hoped for.


Image Credits | HLTV

G2: -nexa -?. +m0NESY, +Aleksib

m0NESY has been an expected acquisition by G2 since the major. But who does he replace? Does G2 remove JaCkz, their solid support player, or Amanek, their lackluster AWPer? Hopefully they replace Amanek, as JaCkz seems to perform much better in his position and Amanek has shown that he is incapable of being the successful primary or even secondary awper this team needs.

What many G2 fans thought wouldn’t happen, however, is happening; nexa is being removed for Aleksib. For many this move comes as a surprise, many G2 fans were of the opinion that one roster move would suffice. The reality is, Aleksib is a better in-game leader than nexa and he now has the most tools he has ever had in a team. This is a good move for G2 if the following happens: Aleksib allows NiKo to play his game as he does. NiKo is an individual player who has figured out what he wants to do on the server. If Aleksib lets him do that and focuses his energy on the other 3 players, this team will have so much potential. Here is how the roster could fail: Aleksib tends to group his team up on T side without having a lurker. This lack of map control could be extremely detrimental in the current meta. If he can adapt his T side strategies to fit the modern game, G2 has extreme potential in 2022.


Image Credits | Magisk

Vitality: -Kyojin, -shox, -xtqzzz+dupreeh, +Magisk, +z0nic

This move is a very exciting one. Vitality could be the team to topple Na’Vi with this roster. If zonic is able to meld the French and the Danes together, they have all of the pieces necessary to be a powerhouse. There is not a clear chink in the armor of Vitality if they can synergize the way they should be able to. This is all hypothetical of course, as we have yet to see this roster play together. One thing that G2, Na’Vi and Vitality have in common is the fact that they each have a top 3 CSGO player in the world. Similar to Na’Vi finally building a solid team around S1mple, Vitality is now doing the same with ZywOo. There is potential for this to be one of the best rivalries of all time.

FaZe: -Olofmeister +ropz

This move is almost entirely dependent on everything BUT this roster move. This team’s success depends on whether or not Karrigan can put together another team one last time. Does he have what it takes? This last year and a bit since Covid has been very bad for Karrigan. Even though the result at the CSGO Major was decent, you could tell they had no shot at winning just from watching them. Karrigan has one last opportunity to create a top team. He now has no excuses and all of the tools. He had said that LAN counter strike didn’t really count, but that excuse is over. It’s time to put ropz in the right places and make FaZe the contender they can be.