Final two invites up for grabs at WePlay Academy League Season 3

The play-in stage of the WePlay Academy League Season 3: Online Stage has finally been set with the "quarterfinals" scheduled…

3 days ago

We Play Academy League S3 – Group Stage Roundout & Predictions

The final day of Group stage matches at WePlay Academy League Season 3 brings us a battle for top seed…

5 days ago

Lynn Vision looks to stop EC Kyiv dominance in Back To Back Playoffs

The C-Tier CSGO scene is having some wonderful betting matches today. The quarterfinal stage of the Back To Back Tournament…

1 week ago

WePlay Academy League Season 3 – Group A turning very spicy today

The group stage of the third season of the WePlay Academy League has rolled on. Every team, apart from Spirit…

1 week ago

CSGO moves & rumors before the New Year – Major roster shuffles coming

Ahhh, the post-CSGO Major roster shuffle. What a time. Those who failed to achieve victory are questioning themselves and if…

2 weeks ago

The Year of Natus Vincere and the begging of the NAVI Era

There is only one roster in the discussion on the best team of 2021 . Na’Vi is the clear cut…

3 weeks ago

Three CSGO picks to place bets on during the holiday weekend

Just because the holidays are upon us, does not mean CSGO is not played in full force across the globe.…

3 weeks ago

ESL Women CS:GO 2022 circuit revealed – #GGFORALL reactions mixed

This week, ESL Counter-Strike has unveiled a pretty wide-reaching new initiative. #GGFORALL is a program aimed towards women in esports.…

4 weeks ago

BLAST World Final 2021 – Exotic betting markets to utilize this weekend

For this edition of our CSGO picks, we are going to dig deep and provide several picks for the two…

1 month ago

NIP struggles without Dev1ce – Can they get good again before Katowice?

NIP fans were left concerned that Dev1ce has been ill and missed the Blast World Finals and potentially head into…

1 month ago


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