AVANGAR win DreamHack Open Rio 2019

After the BLAST Pro Series Miami and StarSeries i-League Season 7, the stage was set for the lower ranked teams to face off against each other in Brazil. DreamHack Open Rio 2019 brought together a total of 8 teams who competed for their share of $100,000.

In the grand final of DreamHack Open Rio 2019, AVANGAR got the better of FURIA in a very close match. Below you will be able to find AVANGAR’s path to winning this edition of DreamHack Open.



AVAGNAR path to winning DreamHack Open Rio 2019

In their opening match, AVANGAR was matched against eUnited, a tier 2 team that looked to surprise Jame and co. After two very competitive halftimes, things were tied on Inferno. Believe or not, it took AVANGAR three overtimes to close group A opening match. Final score, 25-23. qikert topped the charts with 43 kills to his name.

After defeating eUnited, AVANGAR was matched against INTZ in the group A winners’ match. We all know how dangerous INTZ is, especially if their captain kNgV- gets going. However, this did not stop AVANGAR from reaching double digits in the first half of Mirage. Even though Brazilian CSGO roster tried hard to pull off a comeback, they were denied by AVANGAR. Jame topped the charts for AVANGAR with 32 kills in 24 rounds. A massive performance from the Russian.

Now that AVANGAR was able to qualify for the DreamHack Open Rio 2019 playoffs, they were waiting for their opponents. After a while, they were matched against one of the top contenders on DreamHack Open Rio 2019, Valiance. Despite winning Valiance’s map pick, Train, AVANGAR did not have it easy against the Serbian CSGO organization.

They were completely stomped on their map pick Inferno, where they were able to put one round on the board on the T-side of Inferno. Now that AVANGAR has lost the first map on  DreamHack Open Rio 2019, we all thought that this will shake their confidence. This did not happen as AVANGAR was able to edge out Valiance on Dust 2 and book their ticket for the DreamHack Open Rio 2019 grand final. AVANGAR’s newcomer topped the charts with 65 kills over the course of three maps.

AVANGAR vs FURIA, grand – finals

Given the fact that FURIA was waiting for AVANGAR in the DreamHack Open Rio 2019 grand final, I was not favouring AVANGAR at all. Furthermore, FURIA definitely had the Brazilian crowd on their side. This was the first time I have seen AVANGAR play Vertigo. To be honest, they were running around the map like headless chickens hence why they were only able to put two rounds on the board.

However, after AVANGAR got to play on their map pick, Inferno, things worked out for them. FURIA had no chance on Inferno despite making it competitive in the first half. All in all, an easy victory to tie this best-of-3 series. We all know that Train is heavily favouring CT-side, and this was once again proven in this match. FURIA was able to put 10 rounds on the CT-side of Train. However, AVANGAR was able to mirror FURIA’s performance and once again we were tied at 15 rounds each. This time around, it only took AVANGAR one overtime to close this series and lift DreamHack Open Rio 2019 trophy. Yet again SANJI was topping the charts with 61 kills over the course of three maps.