Blast Premier announces Blast Rising

Popular tournament organizer Blast just announced a new online tournament – Blast Rising is going to be the latest in a series of FPS tournaments worldwide. More specifically, it’ll be a tournament for Counter-Strike:Global Offensive.

Blast Premier announces Blast Rising

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Tournament for everyone

Unlike a lot of tournaments in the esports world, this one isn’t just for the best of the best – the cross-European tournament will feature a total of 16 teams across various different skill levels. The overall prize pool will make up 30.000€ and will be split between the teams.

According to Blast, they will choose and invite teams that are, according to them, “the ones to watch outside of the upper reaches of the rankings”. In other words, they will be actively scouting for talented players outside of the current top of the CS:GO world.

If that’s not an interesting premise, we don’t know what is!

The plan

Teams will be selected by April 28th, at which point a total of 48 matches will be had. At the end of these best of 1 matches, there will be seven separate best of three series in order to whittle down the teams to the top contestants.

Blast is actively pursuing a setup where teams of different skill levels compete against each other. In fact, Krzysztof Stypułkowski, the Co-founder of Fantasyexpo, explained: BLAST Rising tournament will be an amazing experience for esports fans as well as the players, who will participate in . The structure of the tournament is organised in a way so it can provide a lot of emotions from the first matches until the very final. Mixing the teams from different HLTV levels will spice things up and allow lower-ranked teams to fight with those better than them, which can bring a lot of surprises and game-changing action. I am very happy that we are organizing this tournament together with BLAST.”

The idea is to support rising teams and talented players on their way up the skill platform – it’s meant to both improve personal skills and team cohesiveness and skill.

Nicolas Estrup, the Director of Product and Experience at Blast said: “At BLAST we love the elite and allow everyone to be a part of Premier through the Qualifier Series and the Race to the Global Final, but have created BLAST Rising to support teams and players at all stages of their careers. By giving teams and players more opportunity and exposure in the way only BLAST can, we want BLAST Rising to be a platform that drives forward their personal and team growth.”

The event

No doubt people – fans and players alike – will be excited for this innovative take on pro esports tournaments. It’s certain to shake things up a little – there will be lots of new faces, new teams and hopefully, interesting games. Blast Rising has a unique appeal to fans, and hopefully one they will be able to capitalise on.

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