ELEAGUE 2019 CSGO Event Confirmed

During the most recent ELEAGUE CSGO Premier tournament, a brand new event for 2019 was announced. So far, we know very little about the event, but we’ll be sharing everything we do know in this article.

ELEAGUE has been one of the biggest tournament organizers in CSGO in recent years, making strides to introduce CSGO to TV viewers via their partnership through TBS and bringing big prize pools for both Major and non-Major events.

ELEAGUE 2019 CSGO Tournament – Everything we know

As mentioned earlier, there’s a lot we don’t know about the ELEAGUE 2019 CSGO tournament. All we do know is that the event will be held in January, 2019. The exact date is January 26. We don’t know what the event will be, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it is another international tournament held in Atlanta with a large prize pool.

ELEAGUE 2019 csgo

We already know that the next Major after the FACEIT London Major in September will be held in Katowice in late February, so ELEAGUE won’t be holding the Major cup in 2019. At least not in early 2019, anyway.

We do know that ELEAGUE like to make big events when it comes to Counter Strike, and with an announcement made almost half a year before it actually arrives, it’d make sense that the new ELEAGUE January 2019 will be just as big and spectacular as previous events.

We don’t think it’ll be season 2 of ELEAGUE Premier, as it’d make sense for ELEAGUE to host that in the latter part of the year again. It may be a new event that rivals the major in terms of tournament scale and prize pool.

Looking back at ELEAGUE’s Triumphant 2018

ELEAGUE absolutely dominated 2018. It started with the ELEAGUE Boston Major in early 2018. The peak viewers for the Boston Major were 1,847,542, or 1,342,107 without Chinese viewers. We then had the ELEAGUE Premier event in July, which had just as many exciting games and the same $1,000,000 prize pool we saw in the Major.


The peak for the ELEAGUE Premier was 761,884, although without Chinese viewers it was just 221,324, which suggests support for non-major events isn’t quite as high. It’d be interesting to see if ELEAGUE can get a higher viewership for their event in early 2019. With all of the effort and investment ELEAGUE is putting into the scene, they certainly deserve it.

ELEAGUE’s production quality is excellent and it always features the best teams and most talented casters. ELEAGUE has also made brave steps to try to introduce CSGO to those who are new to esports by using a small docuseries that explains how the game works and why it is such a competitive game.

What are your thoughts on the ELEAGUE tournaments? Do you think it’s great that there are more tier 1 events to watch or do you think there should be more focus on tournaments to scout out new talent and new teams? Let us know your thoughts!