ELEAGUE Premier 2018 Playoffs Viewer Guide – Teams, Schedule, Live Stream

After a week of exciting Counter Strike thanks to the ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2018 tournament, we now have the playoffs to look forward to this weekend.

Out of the eight teams that entered the event, only 4 teams remain and they’ll be battling for the chance to take home a huge $500,000 first place prize.

The remaining $500,000 of the total $1 million prize pool will be distributed out across the other 7 teams, with second place getting $200,000, third and fourth getting $80,000, and the eliminated teams getting between $40,000 and $30,000.

ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier Playoffs – Teams, Schedule & More

If you would like to tune into the ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier playoffs, you’ll want to visit the ELEAGUE Twitch stream. We have provided the stream channel below. You can come back here once the event goes live.

There are only four teams taking part in ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier Playoffs. Here’s a quick look at the teams involved.

  • Astralis
  • mousesports
  • Natus Vincere
  • Team Liquid

There will be three games – two semi final matches and then a single grand final match. Both of the semi final matches will go live on July 28, whilst the grand final will play out on July 29.

Below, we have provided the exact timings for each match so that you can write the time down in your calendar.

First Match – Semi Final 1 – Astralis vs mousesports
The first semi final match will go live at 7PM BST on July 28. The event will be a best of three.

Second Match – Semi Final 2 – Natus Vincere vs Team Liquid

The second semi final match will go live at 10PM BST on July 28. Once again, this match will be a best of three.

ELEAGUE Premier 2018 Grand Final Start Time


The ELEAGUE Premier 2018 grand final will start at 7PM BST on July 29. Below we have provided the start time for a few different time zones from around the world.

  • New York – 2PM
  • Rio de Janeiro – 3PM
  • Moscow – 9PM
  • Dubai – 10PM
  • Singapore – 2AM July 30th
  • Beijing – 2AM July 30th
  • Sydney – 4AM July 30th

ELEAGUE Premier 2018 – Events Leading to the Playoffs

If you missed the group stage of the ELEAGUE Premier 2018 tournament and would like a little catch up, take a look through the information below.

ELEAGUE Premier 2018 Group A Recap

Group A started with Astralis dominating Cloud9 in the first match, and Team Liquid then did the same against MIBR. Both teams took 2-0 scores in these best of three matches.

Astralis and Liquid then faced off against each other after landing into the winner’s match. This is where Astralis showed their strength as the best team in the world and took a 2-0 win against Liquid.

In the Elimination match between MIBR and Cloud9, MIBR came out on top with yet another 2-0 victory.

Finally, in the decider match, Liquid took the final 2-0 victory against MIBR.

ELEAGUE Premier 2018 Group B Recap

Whilst Group A seemed very one-sided, Group B showcased some of the closest, craziest CS:GO matches we’ve seen this year.

It opened with NaVi barely coming out on top against Fnatic with a 2-1 victory. The next match was mousesports vs FaZe, during which all three maps went to double digit round wins for both teams. Mousesports only just came out ahead with a 2-1 victory against FaZe.

Next up was the winner’s match with mousesports vs NaVi. mousesports fought valiantly at the beginning, taking the first map win, but NaVi then pulled out ahead taking 2 maps in a row.

After that, we had the elimination match between FaZe and Fnatic. Fnatic scored a 2-0 victory, but the rounds were back and forth throughout the event. Dust II went to overtime but Fnatic came out on top with a 19:15 score line.

On Mirage, we saw round after round get traded as both Fnatic and FaZe were stuck in a perpetual cycle of force buys. The score for this match was a heartbreaking 16-14, which sent FaZe home.

Finally, we had the decider match between mousesports and Fnatic. This was a very close game once again, with the first map, Inferno, going 16-13 in favor of Fnatic.

The next map was Train and this time mousesports won 16-14. The final map was Mirage and it was here where mousesports took control and won 16-9, taking them into the playoffs and sending Fnatic home.


Thanks for reading our overview of the ELEAGUE Premier 2018 playoffs. Will you be tuning in to the matches this weekend?