FaZe wins BLAST Pro Series Miami 2019

Believe it or not, FaZe has done it. After a long drought, this CSGO roster was able to finally lift a trophy. Even though things did not look so good for them after the first two rounds, NiKo and co. pulled through with three victories in the second day of BLAST Pro Series Miami 2019.

FaZe’s path throughout BLAST Pro Series Miami 2019

As you probably know, there are 5 rounds in BLAST Pro Series tournaments. After those are concluded, two teams that topped the group will compete in the best-of-3 series in order to lift the trophy.

In the opening match, FaZe was demolished by Liquid. For some reason, FaZe decided to compete on Nuke, which backfired massively for them. Even though they have probably put in a lot of work on Nuke, it did not turn out the way they expected it. Winning 5 rounds on the CT-side of Nuke is not enough to make it competitive. Final score, 16-5 in favor of Liquid.

Match against MIBR saved the day for FaZe. Even though they did not win, one point was more than enough for them to have a chance of qualifying for the grand finals. To be honest, FaZe should have won this match easily, but they were able to throw 14-8 lead. All in all, commanding performance from NiKo on Mirage, with 32 kills to his name.

After the 1st day, FaZe was sitting on a sole point. I do not know what happened but FaZe started to play out of their minds. Firstly they left Cloud9 without a chance, but this was to be expected in my opinion. Cloud9 is by far the worst team in the BLAST Pro Series Miami 2019. FaZe left Cloud9 with 9 rounds to their name on Overpass.


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Natus Vincere stood no chance against FaZe either. FaZe played on a high level, especially on the CT-side of Overpass. Somehow, they were able to win 11 rounds in the first half. Even though Natus Vincere tried to mount a comeback, they did not even come close to defeating FaZe. Astralis tried to defeat FaZe as well, but they were trashed even harder. Believe it or not, FaZe left Astralis with only 6 rounds to their name on Dust 2.

Such an impressive record really boosted FaZe’s confidence. You all know how dangerous FaZe can be, especially once they get fired up. They proved that in the BLAST Pro Series Miami 2019 grand final against Liquid. FaZe dominated Liquid on their map pick, Mirage, leaving North American CSGO roster with only 6 rounds to their name. Dust 2 was yet again very impressive for FaZe. This time around they were up 12-3 on halftime, and they easily secured the 2-0 victory.

NiKo crowned as the BLAST Pro Series Miami 2019 MVP

Did you know that this was the 4th best tournament in NiKo’s career? Nikola put incredible numbers as he topped the charts in 11 different statistics. Notably, NiKo was rated at 1.01 or higher in every match, while he played his best match against Astralis where he was rated with an incredible 1.69 rating. These are all the important stats for NiKo in the BLAST Pro Series Miami.

Average Damage Per Round – 97.7
Kills Per Round – 0.92
KAST – 77.2%