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Blast Pro Series is owned by RFRSH. This is a series of CSGO events that are played throughout the year. It all started back in 2017. Although, these events got the most attention in 2019 as a total of 7 of those events will be played.

Blast Pro Series - CSGO Tournaments

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Blast Pro Series events got a lot of backlash because of their format. In 2017, 2018 and early 2019, Blast Pro Series used the same format. A series of best of 1 matches being played. Top two teams from the group would advance through to the grand final where they would compete in the best of 3 series for the trophy.

However, the third-placed team would choose their opponent regarding the Blast Pro Standoff. Keep in mind that a team that wins this showmatch will walk away with an additional $20,000. Five weapons are used throughout the Standoff. The first player to score 7 kills wins the duel. These are the weapons used:

  • CZ75
  • AK47
  • M4A1-S/M4A4
  • AWP
  • Desert Eagle

Where to watch Blast Pro Events?

Like every other popular esports tournament, Blast Pro events are also streamed on You can watch Blast Pro Series twitch channel below or by clicking here.

Blast Pro Series Winners

  • Copenhagen 2017 – SK Gaming
  • Istanbul 2018 – Astralis
  • Copenhagen 2018 – Natus Vincere
  • Lisbon 2018 – Astralis
  • São Paulo 2019 – Astralis
  • Miami 2019 – FaZe Clan
  • Madrid 2019 – ENCE
  • Los Angeles 2019 – Team Liquid
  • Moscow 2019 – TBA
  • Copenhagen 2019 – TBA
  • Global Final 2019 – TBA

Blast Pro Series 2019

A lot happened for Blast Pro Series during 2019 hence why we will present you with a short recap of everything that happened during Blast Pro events played in 2019.

Blast Pro Series Madrid 2019

© Joao Ferreira | Blast Pro Series

Blast Pro Series São Paulo 2019

MiBR were coming to this event as huge favorites. In spite of that, they did not please their home crowd as they were unable to win a single match.

On the other hand, Astralis had an excellent showing in Brazil as they have only dropped one map throughout the entire event. The grand final was tense for Danish CSGO roster where they had to mount a comeback after losing the first map.

In the Blast Pro Standoff, MiBR faced off against ENCE. Finnish squad got the better off MiBR as they clinched victories in all 5 duels.

Blast Pro Series Miami 2019

After an awful performance on the event of São Paulo 2019, FaZe Clan turned things around as they won their first Blast Pro trophy. Despite barely making it out of the group, FaZe looked really good in the grand final where they were matched against Liquid.

No one expected FaZe to dominate Liquid so hard as they left them with 6 rounds to their name on Mirage. Despite that, Liquid played better on Dust 2, but it was not enough for the North American CSGO organization to defeat NiKo and co.

Once again we have seen MiBR battle for their chance to win an additional $20,000. This time around, they had a much better showing as they bested Cloud9 with a 4-1 score.

Blast Pro Series Madrid 2019

This event saw Astralis crumble and they were unable to find their 2018 form after Blast Pro Series Madrid 2019. After Astralis and ENCE secured their grand final spot with a 4-1 scoreline, all of us were expecting Astralis to dispatch of ENCE with ease.

However, Finnish CSGO squad decided to prove everyone wrong. They stomped the reigning kings with a swift 2-0 victory on Nuke and Train.

Since NiP ended the group stage in third place, they decided to face off against Giants in the Blast Pro Standoff. Rounds were going back and forth and eventually, NiP came out on top of this Blast Pro Standoff.

Blast Pro Series Los Angeles 2019

This time around, it was time for Liquid to compete in front of their home crowd. Unlike MiBR, Liquid delivered. Group stage was so easy for Liquid as they did not drop a single map. Keep in mind that this time around, 4 teams were advancing through to the playoffs.

Liquid faced off against Cloud9 and they had no problems defeating their rivals. On the other hand, FaZe eliminated NRG without putting in a lot of effort. Lastly, Liquid stomped FaZe in the grand final with a fast 2-0 victory.

Yet again we have seen MiBR participating in the Blast Pro Standoff. This time around, they were not so successful as Renegades were able to turn things around after being down 2-0.

There are still a couple of events left to be played in 2019. You can find the list below.

  • BPS Moscow 2019 (September 13th – September 14th)
  • BPS Copenhagen 2019 (November 1st – November 2nd)
  • Global Final 2019 (December 1st)

Blast Pro Series 2018

Throughout 2018, Blast Pro Series hosted three events. Given the fact that 2018 is also called the Astralis era, you can probably figure out how did these events go.

Blast Pro Series Lisbon 2018

© Joao Ferreira | Blast Pro Series

Blast Pro Series Istanbul 2018

As mentioned above, Astralis dominated everyone in 2018, especially in this event. The group stage was very easy as the Danish CSGO roster had a 5-0 scoreline. Furthermore, MiBR looked good in Turkey and they claimed the second grand final spot.

Astralis struggled in the grand final, despite them leaving MiBR to 3 rounds on the first map. However, Brazilian CSGO squad made things competitive, but they suffered a narrow 16-14 defeat in a deciding map.

NiP faced off against Space Soldiers in the Blast Pro Standoff. Swedes won 4 out of 5 duels as they secured themselves an additional $20,000.

Blast Pro Series Copenhagen 2018

It seems like the pressure got the better of Astralis here in Denmark. They were unable to qualify for the grand final in front of their home crowd. Nonetheless, Natus Vincere looked really good as they were finally able to claim that #1 spot in the Blast Pro event.

Ukranian CSGO roster faced off against NiP in the grand final. Needless to say that s1mple and co. had an easy match against NiP. A swift 2-0 victory enabled them to lift a very nice looking Blast Pro trophy.

As for the Blast Pro Standoff. Astralis decided to compete against Cloud9 and it was not a good idea. Despite going 1-0 up, Cloud9 were able to turn things around and to grab a 3-2 win and to book themselves additional prize pool money.

Blast Pro Series Lisbon 2018

Another Blast Pro event, another 5-0 start for Astralis. This time around, they were matched against Natus Vincere in the grand final.

It was clear from the start that Na’Vi had no chance against the Danish powerhouse. Going 1-0 up did not help Natus Vincere a lot as Astralis created an easy comeback with swift victories on Dust 2 and Cache.

Once again we had a very close Blast Pro Standoff here in Portugal. FaZe edged out Cloud9 with a 3-2 scoreline.

Blast Pro Series 2017

We already talked about Blast’s slow start. 2017 was a proving ground for this CSGO event as they only announced one event, Blast Pro Series Copenhagen 2017.

Blast Pro Series Copenhagen 2017

© Radoslaw Makuch

During this time, Blast Pro Series Copenhagen 2017 summoned top contenders in the form of SK Gaming, North, G2, FaZe, NiP and Astralis. All of these teams battled it out for their share of a $230,000 prize pool.

In the end, SK Gaming won the first edition as they netted themselves a total of $125,000.

As for the Blast Pro Standoff, FaZe got the better off North with a 3-2 victory.

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