ENCE win BLAST Pro Series Madrid

After IEM Sydney 2019, the stage was set for BLAST Pro Series Madrid 2019. A total of 5 teams earned their invite to this CSGO tournament, with the 6th team qualifying. Only one walked off with a trophy. Below, you will be able to find ENCE’s path to victory in this event.

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Path to winning BLAST Pro Series Madrid 2019

ENCE vs Natus Vincere

As always, there are 5 rounds in the BLAST Pro Series tournaments. In the opening match, ENCE had it easy against Natus Vincere. Even though we expected a more competitive match on Mirage, ENCE dominated Natus Vincere and left the top player s1mple and co. with only 4 rounds to their name. Allu played an excellent match where he had 29 kills in 20 rounds. A massive performance from Aleski.


Now that ENCE set themselves up for a good chance to advance through to the BLAST Pro Series Madrid 2019 grand final, they were stunned by NiP. To be honest, NiP did what ENCE did to Natus Vincere.

Swedes also proved how one-sided Nuke can be as they left ENCE with only 3 rounds to their name in the first half. Furthermore, ENCE did not offer anything special once they switched to CT-side and they were defeated with a final score, 16-5. This time around, allu was ENCE’s worst player with only 8 frags.

Cloud9 vs ENCE

Yet again, ENCE opted-in for Nuke. This time around, it worked for Finnish CSGO roster and they were able to defeat Cloud9. To be honest, I was expecting an easier victory for ENCE in this one, but Cloud9 looked good on the CT-side of Nuke.

Once ENCE got to more favored CT-side, it was all over. It is also important to notice that Cloud9 won 3 rounds on the T-side, which was not enough to cause problems to ENCE. All in all, a solid victory for ENCE.

Astralis vs ENCE

The grand final was on the horizon for ENCE, but they had a hard task in front of themselves, Astralis. Even though both of these teams played on a high level, ENCE was a bit luckier and they were able to close Dust 2 with a final score, 16-13.

From my perspective, ENCE was very lucky on the CT-side of Dust 2, but still, they played on a high level throughout the entire map, and they definitely deserved the victory against the Danes.

ENCE vs Giants

In their last match, ENCE was looking for a victory against Giants, a tier 2 team that qualified for this event. It only took 15 rounds for ENCE to claim double digits. However, something happened to ENCE and they were on the verge of losing. Giants were able to win 9 in a row. Finally, ENCE stepped up and closed the series with a 16-14 scoreline.

Grand Final: ENCE vs Astralis

In the BLAST Pro Series Madrid grand final, ENCE stomped Astralis over the course of 2 maps. After winning Nuke 37 times in a row, ENCE was finally able to steal this map from Astralis. They left Danes with only 9 rounds to their name on Nuke, which says a lot about ENCE’s performance.

Train was a one-way street as well, despite Astralis making it competitive on the CT-side. All in all, ENCE once again proved that they are a force to be reckoned with. Future is definitely bright for this Finnish CSGO roster, and it is going to be interesting to see how will ENCE perform in their next event.