First four European teams to earn their invites to the EPL Season 10 Finals

The EPL Season 10 Finals just got three teams richer. Three European squads (Astralis, Heroic, mousesports) have already secured their attendance at the ESL Pro League Finals. One additional team will be joining them by the end of the weekend to form the first four European attendees at the ODINCON EXPO in December.

The first round did not bring too much surprises as the top global seed secured their BYE early on. This also means that Astralis will get a chance to defend their recently reclaimed #1 Global Seed at the EPL Finals.

ESL Pro League Season 10


EPL Season 10 Europe Round 1

Group A saw neither of the opponents being strong enough to contest mousesports on their way to the finals. With FaZe going through roster swaps and minor instability recently and OpTic players think more about benching themselves and the expiration of their contracts, the opening group seemed pretty straightforward from the get go. Mousesports went on to win all three matches and easily secured their future in the EPL Finals. FaZe Clan and BIG will have to seek their chances in Round 2.

Group B became a mess from the get go. Heroic, NiP and Vitality three way tied themselves with 2W-1L as they piled on Sprout for their free win and messed up each other’s games. Heroic earned their 1st place finish by round differential after playing a do-or-die match versus Sprout at the back end of the group schedule. With a few amazing plays Martin “stavn” Lund earned Heroic the spot at the Finals which are held on Heroic’s home soil. NiP and Vitality were both predicted to possibly make it out as 1st seeds are now going to seek their chance in Round 2.

A tight victory over Fnatic earned Astralis their spot at the EPL Finals. Fnatic that could not deliver the same performance they had at DreamHack Masters Malmö 2019 as lost their head-2-head (14-16) on both Inferno and Train. North & Aristocracy on the other hand were never in the conversation as likely contenders in Group C as both teams had underwhelming performances with North edging slightly over Arcy and at least earning themselves a spot in Round 2.

Finally, the last group in Europe is a deadly brawl between Natus Vincere and G2. Both teams are seeking to evade Round 2 and earn their Finals spot early. HellRaisers and Windigo have both ended up losing the opening matches and are heading towards an opponent swap later today. If NaVi and G2 repeat their opener performance, it will result in Saturday’s matchups becoming even more spicy. Two matches will decide who advances to the Finals, who goes to Round 2 and who gets eliminated.

Where to watch ESL Pro League

You can follow the final resolution of Round 1 at the ESL Pro League this weekend here below or at

Group D Predictions

If we are to put our prediction hats on, Group D should play out as follows:

  • NaVi vs Windigo
  • G2 vs HellRaisers
  • G2 vs NaVi
  • HellRaisers vs Windigo

This means G2 and Windigo will seek their chances in Round 2 as NaVi advances to Playoffs and HellRaisers is eliminated.

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