Fnatic roster changes – What’s next for the Swedish CSGO Roster

After not qualifying for the upcoming StarLadder CSGO Major 2019, Swedish esports organization decided to revamp their roster and look for new talents from their region. To be honest, it is kinda sad not to see fnatic compete on CSGO major, and if you did not know, this is the first one they are going to miss.

Fnatic Roster Changes


What’s next for Fnatic?

At the moment, fnatic is on a lookout for two new players, and possibly new staff members. However, now that they lost their in-game leader, who could fnatic bring in to refresh their roster? In my honest opinion, I don’t think that Swedish CSGO players are a thing anymore, and the overall pool of super stars there is not so good.

This is why I believe fnatic should look for international talent. However, flusha is still a free agent, and it would be a reasonable move to bring him back. Furthermore, olofmeister is also not being at his best in FaZe, and I would not be surprised if fnatic tries to bring revamp their old roster that set them for success.

Given the fact that both Xizt and twist got benched, I do not think that adding flusha and olofmeister would really add to synergy. Even though flusha can in-game lead, this is not his main role, and olof is well past his prime and there is no way he can carry games like he did in the golden fnatic era.

Is this a good move for Fnatic?

It definitely is. It is obvious that things are not working for fnatic right now as they were defeated by both mousesports and CR4ZY in the StarLadder Minor. Xizt is simply unable to carry his own weight, while twist is not consistent. Do not get me wrong, at times, twist is being playing out of his mind, but in some scenarios, he is looking like an average PUG player.

All in all, the future should be bright for fnatic, especially if they decide to go for international team as the talent pool is much better around the world then in Sweden. It is definitely going to be interesting to see how will things turn out for fnatic in the near future.