How To Convert Valorant Sens to CS:GO

Valorant and CS:GO are both extremely similar games, with the pair attracting a similar type of player. Fans of competitive shooters often switch between the two, and in a game of fine margins, player mouse sensitivity is one of the most important factors. It’s important there’s consistency from your Valorant to CS:GO sens, as muscle memory can cause issues with your performance in-game. Step-by-step, we’re going to show you multiple ways to check your Valorant to CS:GO sens.

valorant to cs:go sens

Since Valorant’s release in 2020, Riot Games’ shooter has become a serious contender in the competitive shooter space. Looking at the Valorant vs CS:GO player count, the numbers are growing closer all the time, with the longer-running CS:GO still ahead. Having both in competition can only be good for players, as developers are forced to work to retain players’ interest.

Option 1: Manually Convert Valorant to CS:GO Sens

Valorant to CSGO sens

The first method makes it extremely easy to convert Valorant to CS:GO sens, by doing the maths manually. Simply:

  • Launch Valorant.
  • Enter the Settings menu.
  • Under the General tab, find the Mouse subheading.
  • Take note of the number next to ‘Sensitivity: Aim’.
  • Times this number by 3.18, and you have your perfect CS:GO sensitivity.

This is perfect for new players wanting to learn how to get better at CS:GO, as learning to get used to a new sensitivity can be a large skill barrier to overcome in competitive shooters.

The best thing about this method is that it can also be done vice-versa, too, allowing you to convert your CS:GO sens to Valorant. Simply follow the same process seen here, in CS:GO’s Settings menu. Here, however, you’re dividing the CS:GO number by 3.18 for the ideal Valorant sens. CS:GO to Valorant sens will never be exact but using the maths is the way to get it as close as possible in-game.

Option 2: Use a Third-Party Converter

Valorant to CS:GO sens

Another option is to use a third-party converter, such as this one from Aiming Pro. They’re great as they’re free to use, and will often cover a wide range of games.

  • Follow the earlier steps to obtain your sensitivity in your first game.
  • Choose the game in ‘Convert From’ on your chosen sensitivity converter.
  • Choose the game you’d like to convert to in the ‘Convert To’ option.
  • Enter your initial sensitivity under ‘Convert From’
  • Get your new sensitivity for the second game and apply it in-game.

It’s a perfect tool for converting CS:GO sens to Valorant and vice-versa, but the real strength of this method is that you can also apply it to many other games. By keeping the same sensitivity across every shooter that you play, you ensure that you’re able to hop seamlessly between games and not lose form as a result.

While many hardcore fans of Valorant and CS:GO news might already know about these methods, they’re really useful for new players who might not even know how to change their sensitivity. As the games look to continue growing, it’s important that the barrier to entry for new players remains as small as possible, and keeping a consistent mouse sensitivity is a great way to familiarize them with the games.