IEM Beijing 2019 Predictions – Best Intel Extreme Masters Bets

IEM Beijing is just around the corner and the best CSGO teams in the world will look for their chance to lift the Intel Extreme Masters trophy here in China. Alongside that trophy, 8 teams will fight for their chance to win their share of $250,000 prize money.

You can find our IEM Beijing predictions down below, so do not miss out and give us a try.

IEM Beijing 2019 Predictions


IEM Beijing Predictions

This is what you are here for. We will go over the safest IEM Beijing 2019 matches. Keep in mind that we tried hard to find the best esports odds for you hence why we will use various esports betting sites.

Astralis – ViCI

Even though I do not like to use term free money, I simply believe that there is no way Astralis will lose a match against a very weak ViCi side. When it comes to CSGO betting, I simply do not believe that there is a lot of value if we decide to bet on Astralis to win this match. However, Betway put in place a decent amount of special bets, and we will definitely capitalize on those.

Astralis should have it easy on both maps, and I simply cannot see ViCi get more than 6 rounds on any of the maps. Furthermore, odds on this bet are quite solid and Betway has this bet valued at 1.85

Prediction: Map 1 Handicap, Astralis(-9.5)
Odds: 1.85
Betting Site: Betway

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100 Thieves – ENCE

Former Renegades roster has been acquited by 100 Thieves not so long ago. To be honest, 100 Thieves looked really good in the last couple of weeks and I would not be surprised if they fight for the trophy here in China. On the other hand, ever since ENCE decided to remove their in-game leader, Aleksib, they have been struggling. Truth be told, I do not think that they will improve any time soon. Lacking a solid leader will take a toll on the teams, and we have a perfect example of that in FaZe.

At the time of writing, is offering solid odds on 100 Thieves to win this match, and I believe that there is definitely value if you decide to bet on Australian based CSGO team.

Map pool is definitely favoring former Renegades roster, and if they can get this match on Mirage, Inferno or Train, they should have it easy against allu and co.

Prediction: 100 Thieves to Win
Odds: 1.8
Betting Site:

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Vitality – TYLOO

Another easy match here on IEM Beijing. To be honest, the only reason why ViCi and TYLOO are competing in this one is because of the region the event is based in. If this tournament was held in Europe, there is no way we would have seen these two teams compete against the likes of Astralis and Vitality. So what to expect from this match? To be honest, Vitality is looking really poor in the last couple of showings, but this match should still be so easy for them.

However, TYLOO is in quite a form right now. They are sitting on 4 straight 2-0 victories. But if we take a closer look at who they faced, we can draw a simple conclusion, there are levels to this.

I believe that Vitality will have an easy opener here on IEM Beijing and they should definitely wrap up this best of 3 series without dropping a map. From what I was able to find out, Pinnacle is offering the best odds for our IEM Beijing 2019 prediction, and we would advise you to place your bets there.

Prediction: Match Handicap, Vitality(-1.5)
Odds: 1.58
Betting Site: Pinnacle

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FaZe – Evil Geniuses

Definitely the best match on the opening day of IEM Beijing. FaZe is coming off from a tournament victory in Copenhagen while Evil Geniuses won StarSeries i-League Season 8. To be honest, I really do not know what to expect in this match, but I can tell you one thing. This is a coin flip.

These two teams have similar map pools hence why it would be a smart idea to bet on the total maps played. If FaZe can get this match to either Nuke or Inferno, they will have an excellent chance of winning their pick.

On the other hand, Train and Dust 2 would be decent picks for the North American CSGO roster. If we can get an ideal map veto, I really believe that this could be one of the best IEM Beijing 2019 picks. Once again, Betway is offering the best odds on the market for this prediction. To be honest, no one else came close to these odds.

Prediction: Maps Total(2.5) – Over
Odds: 2.05
Betting Site: Betway

We have presented our predictions for the IEM Beijing with the best esports odds we have found. Obviously there are many other valid bookmakers, especially those with interesting promotional offers such as the 10Bet bonus or the NetBet bonus.