Pinnacle Bonus Review - Bonus Offer vs The Best Esports Odds

Pinnacle is a bookmaker that takes esports betting very seriously, providing excellent value for both serious and new esports bettors. In this review, we will find out all the details of the promotions offered by the operator. Is there a Pinnacle bonus for esports? What does Pinnacle offer esports bettors? Read on to learn more.

Pinnacle demonstrated their commitment to esports by sponsoring the Pinnacle Pro-Am DotA tournament in 2014, becoming the first esports tournament hosted by a major bookmaker. Established in 1998, Pinnacle has a mission to welcome winning gamblers with a no-frills approach to betting and independently rated as one of the best bookmakers for good value odds. They are licensed and regulated in Curacao and Malta (under a Class II gaming licence), making Pinnacle esports betting a legal and safe experience for customers. In this review, we will find out all the details of the promotions offered by the operator.


One major selling point that Pinnacle likes to stress to potential customers is that “winners are welcome”. Unlike many of their online competitors, Pinnacle does not restrict the winnings or bets of successful gamblers. Indeed, it makes a point of existing to make sure that these successful players have somewhere they can gamble, with good value odds guaranteed for all. This means that gamblers with good knowledge of esports can find a market where they can turn that knowledge and insight into hard cash.

Players from over 200 countries play at Pinnacle, and new customers can read some of their testimonials on the website.

The company can offer premium odds, and not restrict players, because it uses a business model which is focused primarily on maximising gambling volumes, regardless of whether or not this is generated from profitable players using the site. They also do not take positions on events, and need skilful gamblers to help tighten the odds they offer. They also rely on their traders to determine odds, rather than relying on players to do it.

A player can bet more at Pinnacle than at any other bookmaker.

The odds available also provide better value than those a gambler might see listed at exchange sites.

Pinnacle were the first bookmaker to offer odds on esports events and have continued to treat the esports phenomenon with great respect, recognising the potentially highly lucrative nature of this growing sports market. Pinnacle esports betting options are well-developed, and there is plenty of additional content on the website for esports fans. Players can refine their esports betting strategies with the help of blog posts, news articles and interviews with star gamers which appear on the website.

Free BetsDo Pinnacle offer free bets?

As alluded to above, Pinnacle prides itself on being able to give high-stakes gamblers the freedom to bet as big, and win as big, as they like. This means that they do not offer free bet bonuses, like many of their competitors do. Instead, their bonuses are given in the way that their website operates.

If you are looking for this type of Pinnacle esports bonus, then apologise, you will not find one.

In the place of free bets and bonuses, Pinnacle provides players with information, insight and the opportunity to bet big. There is Pinnacle esports betting blog on the company website, and this is a valuable resource for esports gamblers and fans of esports in general. This is the main selling point of using Pinnacle for esports gamblers, with some superb content on offer for the site’s users.

Tournaments and events are previewed and reviewed by esports betting specialists, and the Pinnacle esports hub is like a website within a website. There are tabs where players can see a full event schedule, and another where all the latest esports odds are available. For anyone looking for good value League of Legends betting websites, or somewhere they can bet on Dota, then this is a really valuable resource to have available. There are also plenty of helpful articles explaining how to place an esports bet, and detailing the safe ways available to play.

This information and insight is part of the Pinnacle way of doing things. They repeatedly state on their website that they welcome knowledgeable gamblers, and like to provide customers with the information that allows them to be as knowledgeable as possible. This kind of support is not available at other esports gambling sites, and should be viewed as a real bonus by potential players.

Esports PromosDetailed current Pinnacle promos for esports

There are no current promotional esports bonuses or free bets available at Pinnacle, for esports bettors or anyone else. So if you are seeking out a cash bet bonus on League of Legends, you will need to look elsewhere.

There is plenty of opportunity, however, to use the knowledge and insight which are available on the Pinnacle esports hub to make your bets more profitable. A good way of placing profitable bets is to place an accumulator on several different outcomes. This means that your winnings roll over, and are used as a stake on the next bet on your betting slip. Whilst ‘Accas’ are very familiar to fans of more mainstream sports like soccer or rugby league, esports fans might not be that familiar with the concept. It is outlined below, and represents a very good way to make the most of that expert knowledge and insight.

Accumulators are sometimes known as ‘parlay’ bets, and are actually very simple to place. Pinnacle even provides a handy guide to how to do this at the esports hub on its website.

An accumulator is where a player combines several different bets on different events, but they all need to be successful for the player to win. The payout is all the odds combined together and multiplied. An esports accumulator betting slip might well feature the three following bets:

  • Selection 1: StarCraft 2: Seed 1.775
  • Selection 2: StarCraft 2: Roro 1.364
  • Selection 3: DotA 2: NaVi 1.709

This bet means that the player is betting using the decimal odds which Pinnacle favours. They have bet on Seed to win the StarCraft 2 match at odds of 1.775 to one, basically. This means that for every pound they bet, they would win £1.775 if their chosen selection won.

This process is replicated for all three bets. Therefore, if all three selections win, the punter will collect the sum of all three sets of odds combined: 1.775 x 1.364 x 1.709 = 4.138. This means that for a player who wagered a £100 bet on this accumulator, would therefore get back £413.80, which is the total of their £100 stake, plus their £313.80 profit.

In summary:

Pinnacle does not offer accumulator guarantees or early cash-out options like many mainstream bookmakers do with their accumulators. Players using the Pinnacle esports betting website, though, can expect to take advantage of the best esports odds which are available, and can bet on a good range of esports markets. An accumulator is a good way to make the best use possible of these good odds.

Pinnacle odds

Esports Betting at PinnacleTake advantage of Pinnacle's fantastic odds?

The Pinnacle esports bonus that really cuts through market competitors regarding esports is their fantastic odds.

If you are an expert on esports, then this is the place to bet. There are no restrictions on successful players’ bets, and there is plenty of scope to win big. Pinnacle likes to have successful, high stakes players on board, so if you are serious about finding the best esports betting sites, then Pinnacle has to be near the top of your list. It rates highly in any betting games comparison.

They are also one of the very few bookmakers who take esports seriously, with an entire section of the website dedicated to the phenomenon. Pinnacle also provides in-play betting on esports, which very few other bookmakers currently do. This is another opportunity for players with sharp knowledge to take advantage of Pinnacle’s good odds, and place big bets.

There is also plenty of background information and news available to esports gamblers at Pinnacle’s website. This can be invaluable to a serious player. If you really are serious about winning with your bets, rather than just having a bit of fun and diversion, then this site is for you.

Although no esports betting apps are available from Pinnacle, the site has a mobile version for phone or tablet players, which works excellently. This playability and accessibility are other reasons to take advantage of Pinnacle’s excellent odds, even if a cash bet bonus on League of Legends, or other games, is not available.

There is also a great range of games covered by Pinnacle, adding to a player’s options. If you are looking for good CS2 betting sites, Pinnacle carry great odds on a wide range of events. The same goes for LoL, DotA, Hearthstone and Starcraft 2. Pinnacle does not currently appear to be an Overwatch betting site, though this may change soon, especially given the company’s positive attitude to esports.

5 ways to take advantage of Pinnacle’s fantastic odds

Use an Accumulator

Use accumulators, and bet on strong teams, such as Ninjas in Pyjamas. Strong teams can help anchor your accumulator, and make it more likely to pay off. Combining several strong teams into an accumulator, with perhaps one outsider to lift the odds, can result in big wins.

Bet on teams about which you know plenty

Bet on what you know. Use your knowledge to its best advantage to deliver big pots.

Start with small bets

Bet small, at least at first. Small bets can be more fun, as there is less pressure on you winning or losing. They can allow you to hone your skills, and begin to see how your knowledge can pay off.

Boost your knowledge

Make use of Pinnacle’s knowledge resources and article as often as possible to carry out an esports odds comparison.

Use Pinnacle's in-play betting feature

Use in play betting feature to really make use of the Pinnacle esports bonus information which is on the site. Not many other bookmakers give you the chance to bet in play in esports.

ConclusionBest Value Odds

Overall, Pinnacle is a serious site for more serious gamblers, although it does have some appealing features for newcomers too. Fans of esports will love the site, though newcomers may find it a little challenging at first. The real Pinnacle bonus for esports fans is its good odds.

Find out more about this operator by having a look at our in-depth Pinnacle Esports Review.

Pinnacle Bonus
No bonus offers, just great esports odds