Na’Vi Takes DHW Win, A Look Back At Their Performance and future Potential

There was a short period of time where Na’Vi were at the top of the world. They were, for a short time, the best team in the world. The fell off a little bit after Guardian left the squad, but things are starting to look up for them again.

The team has struggled to make any notable progress this year, but that’s finally changed. Na’Vi recently took the grand final win at Dreamhack Winter.

Here’s a look back at Na’vi’s win, their performance this year and their potential for next year.

Na’Vi’s Dreamhack Winter Win

Whilst we have to give credit where credit is due, we can’t miss the fact that many of the top tier teams didn’t make it to Dreamhack Winter. In fact, Na’vi’s biggest competition at DHW 2017 was in fact Gambit.

Other participating teams included EnVyUs, Heroic, BIG, North Academy, Rise Nation, and mousesports.

navi dreamhack winter 2017

Mousesports fought their way to the grand final but it’s there where Na’Vi 2-0’d them in spectacular fashion with a 16-4 on Cobblestone and a 16-11 on Inferno.

Na’Vi didn’t really have any competition throughout the entire event. Their only true competition was Gambit, and after one of the lengthiest overtime games of all time, Na’Vi couldn’t quite pull out a victory. The end score for that game was 31-28 to Gambit on Inferno.

Besides the one game against Gambit mentioned above, Na’Vi managed to pull off a flawless victory – they didn’t lose a single game besides the game against Gambit on Inferno.

What’s Next For Na’Vi?

If you’re interested in seeing what potential Na’Vi has in 2018, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • The team composition is still fairly new – everybody is still getting to grips with each other.
  • The team has some incredible star potential, even without Guardian.
  • Both S1mple and electronic have performed incredibly this year, but flamie Zeus, and Edward aren’t far behind
  • The team needs to work on its map pool. Right now, their only strong map is cache. Besides that, they have very little experience together
  • The team already has extensive experience playing with and against some of the best players in CS:GO esports, so if they get enough practice together, there’s no real standout kryptonite team that Na’Vi could struggle against

In summary, if Na’Vi can pull themselves through to the next year with a stronger map pool, they’ll easily have the chance to topple giants like FaZe and SK.

We’ve already seen how Na’Vi can beat top tier teams – take the recent ESL Pro League Season 6 Europe games for example.

Na’Vi had some very close games against teams like G2 and Astralis, and they even managed to pull off a win against FaZe.

We have a strong feeling that Na’Vi will be working hard over the holiday period to come back stronger in January. If Na’Vi improve their map pool, they’ll have a strong chance to make their way through the ELEAGUE Boston qualifiers and fight their way into the top 10 spot.