New CSGO update adds MP5-SD, new player models

Valve has just pushed out a brand new update to CS:GO and it adds the MP5-SD to competitive matchmaking, adds new player models to some maps, and makes a few small tweaks to Nuke, Train, and Office.

Here is a full overview of the update and all of the new changes.

MP5-SD and new player models

In our original MP5-SD post, we mentioned that Valve are keeping the new weapon in casual for a short ‘beta’ test. We think it was more to do with not throwing the balance off during the FACEIT London Major.

Now that the Major is out of the way, Valve has pushed the MP5-SD into competitive matchmaking servers.


©Valve Corp.

For those unaware, the MP5-SD is an SMG that can replace the MP7 slot in CS:GO. It was first shown in Counter Strike Source and has been a fan favorite ever since. It’s technically slightly worse than the MP7, but the silencer adds an extra element to it.

Valve also used this update to push out new character models for the FBI (Counter terrorists) on Nuke, Agency, and Office.

As shown below, the new character models have been designed to fit in with the aesthetics of the aforementioned maps. Valve has slowly updated the models for each map over time to give CS:GO a fresh lick of paint, so this change was no surprise.

New map changes and drops

Additionally, Valve is now giving players a small chance to get the weapon skins from the Nuke and Inferno collections when they level up on either of these two levels. These new weapon skins were first introduced alongside the FACEIT Major.

Some balancing changes have been pushed out to Nuke and Train. Nuke has had the corridor leading to ramp room widened, whilst the doors connecting to the trophy room have been moved slightly.

On Train, player collision has been added to the bombtrain on A site, and any angled pieces that restricted movement on the bombtrain before have now been removed. Grenade collision has also been added to heaven in A site.


©Valve Corp

Finally, a range of changes have been made to Office. These changes are mostly just quality of life – for example, better lighting in some areas.

Other new changes in this update include the addition of boosting in casual mode. Before this update, players could not collide with one another, which stopped players from standing on each other’s heads.

The main menu has also reverted back to the pre-major layout.

Whilst Source 2 is probably still a long way away, it should be noted that some changes relating to Source 2 were added to the CSGO English language file. This suggests that Valve are still quietly working on Source 2.

Valve is the kind of company to not share any details about their development process, but you can be assured they are still working on things behind the scenes.

What are your thoughts on this latest update? Are you excited to see the MP5-SD in competitive matchmaking? Curious about the new Source 2 engine? Let us know what you think.