Results Guide: CSGO and Dota 2

The past 10 days has seen the conclusion of two major CS:GO tournaments and various qualification tournaments for larger Dota 2 events.

DreamHack Master Malmo 2017 (CS:GO)


Dreamhack’s four day event finished with G2 Esports exerting their dominance in the CS:GO scene, where they took North 2-0 in both Inferno and Cobblestone.

While North initially put up a strong fight, resisting fairly well and managing 12 wins in the first match, they fell off after losing the starting round, giving up their last game 9-16.

G2 left somewhat richer taking home $100,000 in prize money, while North were left with $50,000 as runners-up.

WESG 2017 – China Finals (CS:GO)

World Electronic Sports Games

As foreseen by many, Vici Gaming came out of the victors of the WESG 2017 – China finals, the tournament acting as a qualification event for the WESG World Finals 2017.

Vici were able to take the best of three series against Flash Gaming, with a close 2-1 outcome. The starting match between the two was EXTREMELY close, where their Cobblestone battle settled at 22-20 in favour for Vici.

This placed huge pressure on Vici, resulting in their slight dip in performance, losing to Flash Gaming 12-16 in the second round.

As both team were 1-1, the victor of game three would take out the event. The last match was set on Train, where Vici’s risky gamble to play smart with their remaining money led to their victory 16-13 against Flash Gaming.

From Vici’s win, they not only won 100,000 Yuan, but secured their priceless position at the WESG 2017 World Finals.

ROG MASTERS 2017 Australia and New Zealand Qualifier (DOTA 2)


The ROG Masters qualifiers brought together four teams to battle it out over a single invite to the ROG MASTERS 2017.

This was a fairly fast qualifier, having a single elimination in the losers/winners brackets while transitioning to a best of 3 series for the semi-finals and finals match.

Skatemasters were able to cruise through in their match against IM Ridiculously Strong before overwhelming Sugoi Squad 2-0. While Natural 9 were the event’s favorites, Skatemasters were able to pull through with a 2-1 outcome.

While the qualifier has no prize pool, Skatemasters would instead advance to the main ROG MASTERS 2017 event.

StarLadder i-League Invitational #3: Europe Open Qualifier


The qualifiers hosted a total of 32 teams, a fairly large pool considering only the victor would advance to the main event.

SFTe-sports were the clear victors of the event, winning all of their matches with relative ease. While their competition were by no means high tier, or even mid-tier, their apparent ease demonstrates great potential to advance further in the international scene.

It is likely with their qualification, members may be later scouted depending on the outcome of the main StarLadder i-League event.

Upcoming events that present fantastic betting opportunity:

ESL ONE: New York 2017 (CS:GO)

  • Held between the 15th to 17th of September. As expected, it will take place in New York and will host a $250,000 USD prize pool

Orena Champions series

  • Held between the 21st to 24th of September. While not a well-known tournament, you wouldn’t want to miss it. It will hold a 700,000 ZAR ($54,000USD~) prize pool and consist of various teams in South Africa. This’ll be one of the larger South African based tournaments sure to provide a heap of entertainment.