Ex-SK CS:GO roster picked up by Immortals, now under MIBR branding

It has been announced that the ex-SK CS:GO roster has been picked up by Immortals. The organization has recently acquired the MIBR branding, which means the new partnership will see the CS:GO team play under the MIBR name.

Up until today, SK Gaming left us in the dark about the future of their Brazilian roster, but now we have some insights into what we can expect from the team.

What’s most interesting is the MIBR pick up – there’s a lot of history in that name and it could just be what the team needs to revitalize their spirits in anticipation for big events scheduled to land during the remainder of the year.

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All details about Immortal’s MIBR move in esports

Firstly, the existing team has moved to Immortals, with no changes to the roster. However, whilst the ex-SK roster will now be under contract with Immortals, they will actually be representing the MIBR name in events and on their jerseys.

MIBR stands for Made in Brazil – it was an esports organization that started all of the way back in 2003.

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During the mid 2000’s, MIBR played an important part in drumming up interest and passion for the CS:GO scene within Brazil. Unfortunately, the organization struggled to get much traction during the entirety of the 2010s’.

In January 2018, Immortals picked up the MIBR brand, name, and everything associated with it. At the time, nobody knew what Immortals’ plans were, but now it’s clear.

Today, the Made in Brazil name will be represented by some of the most familiar faces, and most skilled players in the entirety of CS:GO. Most importantly, 4 of the 5 players are Brazilian, and they play alongside a Brazilian coach.

MIBR will certainly be a pillar of national pride for Brazil. Here’s a look at the roster.

  • States Jake “Stewie2K” Yip (US)
  • Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo (Brazil)
  • Marcelo “coldzera” David (Brazil)
  • Fernando “fer” Alvarenga (Brazil)
  • Ricardo “boltz” Prass (Brazil)
  • Ricardo “dead” Sinigaglia as coach (Brazil)

With this new change in the Brazilian scene, we may finally see a revival of the roster. The majority of players in this lineup played a big part in bringing SK big success during 2017. It was their most successful year in Counter Strike and few teams could compete with them.

The Brazilian team then came across some issues in early 2018, and roster changes ensued. Stewie2K joined the team.

The new MIBR still hasn’t had much success since picking up Stewie2K, but this new organization change might be just what the team needed to regain fresh energy.

Hopefully, we’ll be seeing great things from MIBR in the near future. The first big event MIBR will be attending with their new jerseys will be ESL One Cologne on July 3rd.

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In other news, Immortals, MIBR’s new parent company, recently confirmed that they have set up a partnership with Tinder.

It will be the first time an esports organization has made such a deal with a dating company. It should open up some opportunities for Tinder users to grab some offers on MIBR merchandise and gear from Immortals teams from other games in the future.