Should You Stream CS:GO on Kick?

With a community as large and as long running as Counter-Strike‘s, content creation has taken many forms over the years. Livestreaming CS:GO lets players share exciting moments with their audience on the fly, both in matches and in the larger community online. For some, CS:GO Kick livestreaming is a fresh opportunity for them to begin making content for the game they love, but how are things looking for CS:GO streamers on Kick today?


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What is Kick?

Kick has made some real headlines since it released onto the internet in December 2022. It promised enticing policies for creators who made the switch to streaming on Kick. Some of the highlights are: a 95 to 5 ratio on revenue splitting, broader focus on IRL streaming and chatting streams, as well as more non-videogame streams like casino games.

These factors have lead to a handful of high profile content creators signing deals with Kick, some notable signings include some of the most popular streamers on Twitch, but for the moment much of the professional esports scene has remained on Twitch and YouTube for a variety of reasons.

Where’s CS:GO in all this?

One of the hang ups for CS:GO streamers is a lack of a dedicated audience. While things like case openings are eternally popular among the CS:GO community, high level gameplay from professional players and skilled content creators is still a huge driving factor in maintaining the sizable audience the game has on Twitch or YouTube.

As the dedicated viewership for CS:GO on Kick gets bigger and bigger, it seems that we can expect the same treatment from this new platform. Kick has been promoting increased opportunities for growth for new streamers looking to make a name for themselves. This leaves plenty of space for brand new streamers to take up the call and get started streaming CS:GO on Kick!

What’s on there now?

Kick’s rules on gambling content are potentially the biggest appeal for CS:GO streamers at the moment. Popular content creators with massive audiences on other platforms are beginning to experiment with Kick streams. Anomaly (3.24M subscribers and hundreds of videos on YouTube) recently began testing the waters with a shorter stream on Kick after finishing his regular Twitch streams.

These chances to experiment with content that he’s unable to make on Twitch had him trying out some casino content before playing CS2 to wrap up the stream. With CS2 releasing fully soon, we’d expect this to be more common as the Counter-Strike scene builds up on Kick. For now, CS:GO Kick streamers are waiting on their big break for them to get more eyes on their content.

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