It’s tough to know where to get started as a fresh streamer these days. It’s difficult enough worrying about the millions of streamers that are saturating every platform – now you’ve also got to be concerned about where you’re going to stream. It’s time to address one of the biggest debates in that sector – Kick vs Twitch. Which platform is the best for new streamers to grow on, and given enough time, will Kick beat Twitch?

There are many differences that set these platforms apart, but at the same time, there are so many driving similarities. If you’ve ever wondered, ‘Should I start streaming on Twitch or Kick,’ this guide is designed to help you make that ultimate decision.

Let’s get into it.

kick vs twitch

Is Kick Better Than Twitch?

For some, it’s nothing more than a subjective debate – there are those that believe Kick is better and those that feel Twitch is the stronger platform, but their opinion is driven by nothing more than emotion and hearsay. For others, it’s a data-driven discussion, with some parties actively putting up the cold, hard numbers that prove which platform might be the best for small streamers and veteran creators alike.

On Kick, users can take advantage of a higher payout percentage on their earnings, which is the driving reason why most people stream. Therefore, if you’re looking for more money, people will argue that Kick is better than Twitch. However, is backed by a gambling platform – – and it has been fronted in the past by some controversial figures, which are causes for concern for many content creators.

How much is Kick streaming worth, though? It was said a while ago that every creator on the platform will earn something, but just that 95-5 split on subscriptions and donations is attractive enough.

Ultimately, Kick has less of a powerful infrastructure, a weaker foundation, and fewer features overall than Twitch – as well as boasting only a fraction of Twitch’s viewer base. It’s dominated by ‘Just Chatting’ streamers – so you typically won’t find the best Warzone streamers on there or any esports streams, for instance. That can certainly make it seem like Kick is not the better platform.

Kick vs Twitch: The Never-Ending Debate

kick vs twitch

Since Kick surfaced in 2022, it has sat at the forefront of the streaming news space, with the platform’s leaders constantly pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into acquiring some of the top Just Chatting streamers in the business. It might have had a controversial start, but it has recovered somewhat by today, and it continues to grow at an alarming rate. There are many who claim that when ‘the money runs out’,’s users will migrate back to Twitch, but that seems unlikely.

It’s a constant debate, and it can get quite violent. On social media platforms, there’s a constant to and fro – a Team A. vs. Team B. mentality that’s propagated by strongly opinionated users backed up by the power given to them by internet-based anonymity. Strangely,’s users seem to be more territorial than Twitch’s users ever were, with many of Kick’s content creators making it well and truly known that they’ll support that new, green-faced platform to the end of their days.

Or so it seems.

For the most part, they’re the people that’ll move to another platform if one crops up and offers them more money.

It might seem tough to settle on a platform right now, but bear in mind these facts:

  • Twitch has a larger audience overall, which makes it tough to grow, but doesn’t really work well for gaming streamers
  • might offer more money, but it still requires effort to make that money
  • Getting verified on is arguably tougher than becoming a Twitch Partner
  • Kick has a more toxic community, particularly on social media
  • Twitch has more moderation and security features, and it is constantly working to protect streamers
  • Twitch is the home of competitive gaming, so if you’re an esports fan, it’s the place to be

It’s Your Decision

In the ongoing debate between Kick vs Twitch – and in trying to find out if Kick is better than Twitch – it all boils down to your own decision and your opinion. There are countless guides out there that’ll tell you either way which platform you should be looking at, but at the end of the day, it’s all determined by which platform you feel more comfortable using.

We’ll be honest – they almost look identical on the surface, and as time has gone on, has come to boast just as many ‘integrations’ as Twitch. That means that if you’re trying to decide the best streaming software to use, you can almost certainly use the same setup across both platforms.

It’s totally up to you – if you’re trying to learn how to start streaming, this is the first step.