TyLoo is the first Asian team to make top 10 ranking

For the first time in CSGO history, an Asian team has made it into the top 10 team spot in the world leaderboard.

This is a big milestone for Asian Counter Strike and it means that CSGO is only getting more global as more teams from around the world are competing in international events.

The team we are talking about is TyLoo – after being one of the very few Asian teams showing up to international events for the past few years, their hard work has finally paid off.

Here is a look at the tournament that got them into the top 10 spot and a look into the future of Asian CS.

Why TyLoo Is Now A Top 10 CSGO Team

After an impressive performance at IEM Shanghai 2018, TyLoo managed to take the move up to spot 10 in the world leaderboard.

TyLoo was able to fight past international teams like Virtus.pro, Gambit, and HellRaisers to make it into the grand finals against NRG.


Unfortunately for TyLoo, their performance faltered against NRG in the grand final, but their work was already done and they had already pushed their way into the top 10 spot in the world rankings.

It’s not just this event that allowed TyLoo to proceed into their current ranking spot. It has taken many years and many events to slowly climb up the rankings, with 2018 perhaps being their most successful yet so far.

Recently, TyLoo came 2nd in the FACEIT Major Asia Minor, securing themselves a Major spot in London. They came 3-4th in IEM Sydney 2018 and have qualified for some of the biggest international events for the year.

What’s Next For Asian Counter Strike?

One of the reasons why Asian Counter Strike teams have struggled to compete at a high level is because they have been relatively isolated from the rest of the world.

Many teams are only able to compete against each other in regional events which means they’re not getting the practice they need against international opponents.

Thankfully, we’ve seen a shift recently that has seen more Chinese and Asian tournament organizers creating international events on home soil.

This has given teams like TyLoo plenty of opportunity to play against invited top tier international teams from the comfort of their own home.


Events like IEM Shanghai, Zotac Cup Masters, and IEM Sydney come to mind.

Hopefully, more events will be held in Asia in the future, which will give more opportunities for Asian teams to get a taste of the competition.

Whilst TyLoo may be the pioneers of CSGO in the Asian region, I think we’ll be seeing plenty more Asian teams making headlines in 2019.

We’ve seen how dominant the Asian region can be in other esports events, and now that more growth is being seen in the Counter Strike community, I think the currently dominant EU region has something to be concerned about.

What are your thoughts on TyLoo’s recent accomplishment? They are still a long way from hitting top 3 or even top 5, but do you think they have the potential to do it?