WESG 2017 World Finals Comes To An Incredible End

With a huge $800,000 first place prize on the line, some of the best players in the world fought very hard this week for a chance at victory, but in the end, only one team came out ahead.

After a week of incredible Counter Strike, Fnatic managed to pull out a 2-1 victory against Space Soldier in the grand final, securing themselves a huge $800,000 for the team and perhaps the most important trophy this year so far.

The number of stories that were told during this event was uncountable. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest headlines.

Space Soldiers Are Getting Better

One of the clearest things to see during the entirety of the WESG 2017 tournament, and not just the world finals, was that Space Soldiers have grown tremendously as a team in recent months. It was no more than a year ago that the current Space Soldiers lineup was relatively unknown.

wesg space soldiers

Today, Space Soldiers stands out as a team that has the potential to fight against the best teams in the world, and their recent second place ranking in the WESG 2017 World Finals will ensure they’re well funded to keep playing for the foreseeable future. Whilst the $800,000 prize pool may have gone straight to Fnatic, Space Soldier’s $300,000 prize is sure to be the most money the organization and team has seen in some time.

Cloud9 Shock Loss To Team One

After Cloud9’s incredible performance at the ELEAGUE Boston Major, nobody expected them to lose out so early in the WESG 2017 World Finals, and especially not to Team One.

Team One WESG

Cloud9 performed very well in the early stages of the event, initially taking wins against a variety of different teams. Before Cloud9 entered the quarterfinals, they had 5 wins and only one loss under their belt. It wasn’t necessarily a bad performance for Cloud9 during the quarterfinals, but it certainly was a shock entry for a Brazilian lineup we have yet to see much of. Cloud9 may have bested SK Gaming, but Team One may look to be their new South American rivals.

Fnatic Is On Fire

One thing that’s been very clear over the past three months is that Fnatic is getting their magic back. Fnatic absolutely dominated this event. They didn’t lose a single game during the group stage. As soon as they hit the quarter finals, Fnatic bulldozed through the competition with two consecutive 2-0 wins. It wasn’t until the grand finals where Fnatic finally lost a map against Space Soldiers during over time on Inferno.

fnatic wesg

It’s safe to say that the grand final really could have gone either way. There were a few key rounds that helped Fnatic to stay in the lead, and whilst the entire team did well, it was Krimz’ superstar performance that really helped the team pull ahead.

In the end, the scoreline for the grand final was as follows:

  • Map 1: Cobblestone – 16-12 to Fnatic
  • Map 2: Inferno – 19-16 to Space Soldiers
  • Map 3: Mirage – 16-14 to Fnatic

To think that Space Soldiers were just 6 rounds away from securing the win for themselves. We can’t wait to see how both teams perform at future events in 2018.


Did you tune into the WESG 2017 world finals? Which games did you enjoy the most? In your opinion, was there a game that topped the incredible back and forth action from Space Soldiers and Fnatic in the grand final?