What can top CS:GO Teams improve ahead of IEM Katowice 2023

During CS:GO’s winter break, every team will want improvement ahead of IEM Katowice 2023. Every roster had highs and lows, though some need tweaks to guarantee victories in 2023.

Here’s how each of the best CSGO teams can do it.

top csgo teams

G2 winning the 2022 BLAST World Final

FaZe needs consistency

FaZe dominated early 2022, winning most competitions that they entered, but their superstars have struggled since winning IEM Cologne in July.

They need consistency from their stars. Often rain, Twistzz, and ropz have disappeared at crucial moments, costing important rounds. An extra 5% each would be enough to carry FaZe across the finish line more often. FaZe must also begin searching for a new IGL. Mastermind karrigan has been a great servant across two FaZe stints, though at 32 his elite career won’t have much left.


NAVI disappointed in 2022, with roster changes and the Ukraine war destroying their mental, motivation and consistency.

Loanee Viktor “sdy” Orudzhev and NAVI Junior’s Andrii “npl” Kukharskyi have been filling electroNic‘s rifler position while he deputizes for former IGL Boombl4, however both have struggled. Going forward, electroNic must return to rifling so his fragging improves, and NAVI should find an IGL to produce immediate results. Team Spirit’s chopper represents an interesting option, though NAVI’s stance on the war means dealing with Russian organizations is extremely unlikely.

With sdy officially out of the roster, npl seems to have his work cut out for him going into 2023.


Runners-up in two of their last four tournaments, Liquid are in danger of becoming perpetual nearly-men. October’s acquisition of YEKINDAR provided immediate vigor, but there’s one glaring issue – AWPer oSee doesn’t have the quality required at the top. Compared to stars like s1mple, ZywOo, and m0NESY, Liquid needs better. Replacing oSee could see Liquid level up their game in 2023.

Yekindar Liquid

Photo Credit: Josip Brtan 🇩🇪 #IEM / @brcho_


Heroic came on leaps-and-bounds in 2022, narrowly missing out on a Rio Major victory to Outsiders. They’re a young roster with plenty of room for growth, but there’s too much pressure on IGL cadiaN to produce. The next step for Heroic is for the younger players to take more responsibility in key moments, to ease the burden on cadiaN. They’re in touching distance of greatness, though.


It’s all coming together for G2, winning the BLAST World Final in their first S-Tier LAN tournament win for five years. IGL HooXi took time to adjust to his role, but finally looks confident. There’s still a mix-up of leadership for G2 to solve, with HooXi admitting that star-player NiKo often called for him during their big December win. Egos must be left at the door, and G2 must figure out who’s in charge going forward.