Cyball – Can the new game dethrone Axie Infinity?

Yesterday saw the official release of Cyball – one of the newest NFT/play-to-earn games today. This soccer-themed game with a mix of card-based gameplay has been anticipated by play-to-earn and crypto enthusiasts for quite some time already. And yet it did not disappoint on day 1.

During the first 24 hours of the game’s release, they already have 5,000 plus users and over 10,000 recorded matches. This is something big already since $182 at the moment of the writing, and they have now over $601,981.77 in volume trade and 20327 total supply of their Cyblocs.

cyball game

Cyball Gameplay

To give you a bit of an idea of how the game works, Cyball uses cards on their Cyblocs (the purchasable characters you use to play the game, like the counterpart of Axies) in order to attack the opponent’s goal or to defend their own goal. Unlike Axie, players can choose a strategy at the beginning of the match – if they want to go Ultra Defensive, Defensive, Ultra Offensive, Offensive, or Balanced.

Matches so far can be done in a 3v3 setting. Aside from choosing your Strategy, you should also play Tactic Cards during every Key Event. These have costs but can help you win, but you should choose which cards can work best on that type of Key Event. There will be six Key Events every match and you can set a Strategy for every Key Event 1 and 4 (1st half and 2nd half, just like how Soccer works).

Is This the Next Axie Infinity?

Cyball has several game elements like Axie. The card-game basis alone is already proof of something common that they have, as well as the three Cyblocs needed in order to enter a match. But I must say, this game is totally not the next Axie Infinity.

Why? Well even if this requires you to think about which Strategy or Tactic Cards you should use, Cyball is still more reliant on RNGs (random number generators). They will dictate the flow of the game based on what you have set beforehand and not much of calculations like Axie where you can compute the damage you can deal with your opponent (though Crits are always a thing, oooppss).

What I can say is that Cyball is somewhere between the mechanics of Axie Infinity and simulation-based P2E games such as Pegaxy and Cryptoblades. It is similar to the best crypto games, but what I can claim is that the game might be less stressful compared to the totally random stuff that affects a player’s experience in Axie. This is what hurts most Lunacians especially if they made super-calculated moves only to be dismantled by a random Critical hit or a very unlucky draw.

And with Cyball, the potential is really there. It’ll be more interesting to see once more players and investors dive into the game, and who knows – this could be the next Axie in terms of success and dominance in blockchain gaming. The cyberpunk style alone already feasts the eyes of gamers like me, so might as well check their website by following the link here. Make sure to follow us for more gaming news and updates as it happens.