Dallas Fuel wins the OWL 2022 Grand Final cementing a dominant season

The OWL 2022 Season ended with a thrilling final between Dallas Fuel and San Francisco Shock.

Two teams and two distinct narratives clashed for the ultimate prize of the season. Dallas Fuel came out on top, cementing their season performance, but SF Shock sure did put them in a tough spot after almost completing the underdog lower bracket run, and were inches short of the trophy themselves.

OWL Bracket Playoffs

Dallas Fuel wins the OWL 2022 Grand Final

The Overwatch League has been running since early this year, but the Playoffs that have played out have whittled the competition down. There were just two matches and three teams left ahead of the finals weekend. Dallas Fuel and Houston Outlaws coming from a winner bracket run and San Francisco shock going through a deep Loser bracket run. It was all meant to come to head on Saturday, November 5th, at 5 PM PT.

We got the usual narratives going about the Overwatch League as well. The Finals weekend is underwhelming, there is always a clear favorite, yada yada yada. This year round however, we got a banger Grand Final, with 7 maps played and a ton of action.

Dallas Fuel had a strong season overall, winning the Summer Showdown, and taking third in the kickoff Clash. They’ve blown through the playoffs too, with few of their games since they joined the bracket being close. Former back-to-back champs Shock, have clawed their way up to the final from the first round of the lower bracket. They’ve ventured through the entire bracket and had a rebound in their performance and we were set up with two distinct narratives going into the final.

After both Fuel and Shock making quick work of Outlaws, the Finale was set. On one side, the most dominant team of the split, and on the other the Cinderella bracket story with a team going through all elimination series to the final.

After 7 grueling games however, Dallas managed to finally put a stop to Shock’s rise and cement their season. Their glory was five years in the making. Fuel finally reach the top of the OWL scene after being runner-ups through most of Season 4.

Dallas Fuel Champions

OWL Drops were bugged for some, but still worked

The Overwatch League as usual, gives players an incentive to watch, and get free cosmetics in Overwatch 2. With the increased price of these cosmetics, it’s a bigger reward than in previous seasons.

The skins on offer for watching the League started at the beginning of the Playoffs, and worked fine until the weekend. The rewards that you got for watching the OWL 2022 Grand Final seem to have been bugged for some users:

  • Half an Hour Watched – Grand Finals 2 spray
  • 1 Hour Watched – Sojourn skin and Pulse pistol name card
  • 2 Hours Watched – Junker Queen and Kiriko Skins

Although it seems that most users did get their drops, some viewers did not get their view progress tracked properly and missed out on the drops. We still don’t know if the issue will be addressed.