DappRadar reportings showing ever increasing rise in Crypto Gamer user base

As the economic crisis seems to deepen, crypto gaming reports seem to be showing a different side to the so-called financial markets.

DappRadar, one of the largest research names within Web3, has accumulated more findings in terms of user activity within the blockchain. Findings presented may seem surprising, however the positive connotations received from them will leave many wanting to find out more!

Be sure to read on to find out more about September’s reports on blockchain gaming and what this means overall for the gaming sector…


Image Credits | Business 2 Community

The only way is up!

Many web3 gaming heavyweights we all know and love continue to increase their popularity, only pointing towards the longevity of these given projects.

Animoca Brands newest title Benji Bananas that has been built on the Polygon Network has seen an astronomical rise in users. The reports have shown that there was around 2016.54% increase in users from the month previous.

Through the integration of APEcoin and Bored Ape Club, Animoca Brands were able to bring the much beloved Play-To-Earn functions to what was a traditional web2 game on mobile devices.

Building community spirit is at the heart of the blockchain, Animoca kept this alive by creating events with prizes in the form of in-game NFTs causing this initial spike in popularity.

This is just one specific case where the increase in engagement has been recorded.

DappRadar also found out that 7 out of the 10 top crypto gaming titles saw an increase in the number of unique active crypto wallets engaging with the games.

Better yet these titles are being branded as mobile first. This means that these games are available for people to try out and play on their mobile devices. With over 80% of the world’s population possessing a mobile device, the opportunities for future user growth for these titles will be interesting to witness.

Gods Unchained, the popular NFT trading card game has also been featured within this report. They saw their NFT sales reach new highs in the month of September as a 375% saw them reach $10 million in sales. Something they have not been able to achieve since January of this year.

What are the motives behind the user’s activity?

Many games have started to mature where developers are now releasing muchly anticipated patches and updates for gamers to enjoy. Overall this creates more uses for the given NFTs, tokens and the general games meaning the lifespan can be increased for current and future gamers.

Furthermore, a traditional way of building capital through the so called “Bear Markets” is by buying the assets at their low prices. As a result of this, gains should increase for users as the Bear Market breaks out into the inevitable Bull Market where gains are prominent for all those that bought in at the low prices!

Mainstream brands have and will continue to push the blockchain and Web3 concepts through their own product releases. Doing so allows unfamiliar spectators an access point to this contemporary notion of web technologies boosting the statistics and reports that we are seeing.

Hopefully as the year pans out we see the steady growth rates continue for those involved in the crypto gaming space. Let us know your thoughts!