Diablo: Immortal – New Events, Cosmetics and Recruit-a-Friend

One thing that Blizzard has always been great at is implementing fun and exciting events into its games. Almost all of their games have events for every major holiday, and since it is October, it is time to celebrate the spooky season in Diablo: Immortal…as if the game did not have enough terrifying creatures in the game.


Image Credits | Wowhead

Hallow’s Wake

While Diablo: Resurrected season two started recently, and the last major Diablo: Immortal content update was a few months ago, it is nice that we are getting something exciting to do in the mobile version of the game. Starting on October 19th and lasting until November 2nd, players will be able to participate in the Hallow’s Wake event, which is Diablo: Immortal’s take on Halloween.

During the event, players that are level 20 or higher will be able to eliminate goblins and vengeful dead and cleanse haunted rifts in order to receive Hallowed Stones. The stones can be traded in for all kinds of goodies like the Strawman Sack Mask, Ghosted Emote, and the Hallowed Choker Portrait Frame, among other spooky rewards.

Naturally, the event also brings all kinds of cosmetics to the in-game store. During the event, players will be able to unlock the Hallowed Dead cosmetic set for 1,000 Eternal Orbs. Other than the event-limited set, from October 12th, players will also be able to purchase the Waltz Macabre Cosmetic Set for 1,000 coins in the in-game shop.

Recruit a friend

Another thing Blizzard is known for is the amazing recruit-a-friend rewards, and when it comes to Diablo: Immortal, things are not different. Players who bring in new players that will level their character to at least level 20 will be rewarded with all kinds of goodies.

While the recruiters are getting amazing rewards for up to three players they bring into the game who reach level 60, the new recruits will also get items based on their progression in the game, which will probably motivate them to level 60, to begin with.


Image Credits | Wowhead

One odd choice is that the recruit a friend is a limited event, as players can only recruit new ones from October 12th until November 8th as a part of the Hallow’s Wake event. While leveling to 60 in Diablo: Immortal is not too difficult, having any kind of time-gating for this system seems a bit strange.

Speaking of strange, if you still haven’t checked the Diablo 4 survey, you should definitely do that, as it has some odd questions within it. While it might not be the final version of what Diablo 4 is going to be, some of the cosmetic prices are quite expensive, even when compared to Diablo: Immortal standards.