Digimon Simultaneous Release: Importance, Roadmap, And More

The unification of all regions has been announced for the Digimon TCG. Furthermore, at the Digi Con 2024, the Digimon Simultaneous Release roadmap has been unveiled. The plan for regional unification aims to catch not just the English version, but the official Korean and Chinese versions of the game up to the Japanese release. The developers have outlined a roadmap that aims to have the games in parity by April 2025.

Digimon Simultaneous Release

Image Credits: Digimon

Why do we need a Digimon Simultaneous Release?

Digimon being behind in certain regions leads to the effect that the Eastern format often dictates a lot of the decks that we see in the West. Due to being able to check results aggregations, deck building is often based on what’s been proven to work. This doesn’t always translate into 1-to-1 replication.

The ban lists have largely been based off of the Japanese results, with the most recent iteration of the list announcing bans of cards for the West before they were even officially released. That’s not to say, the Western results are ignored entirely. August 2022 saw an update to the list with JetSilphymon and Tommy Himi being put to 1. This was due to the continued dominance of Blue and Yellow Hybrid in Western results, despite additions of new cards. Blue and Yellow Hybrid had fallen off in Asia as they moved toward new cards.

Due to mismatched Promo releases sometimes, you run into issues where key pieces that are needed for decks are absent in the English format. MirageGaogamon notoriously was a deck that saw fantastic results in BT13 after Virus Greymon (X Antibody) was hit on the ban list. The lack of training cards for the English format, however, hurt its consistency and results. Western players would never get the deck at “full power.” MachGaogamon would be hit with the release of the Trainings in BT14’s English meta.

Digimon Worlds

Digimon Simultaneous Release Calendar

Image Credits: Digimon

Digimon Worlds has always been an interesting format as a result of these differing releases. As the event is multinational, it has to go by one region’s release schedule, using English as the go-to. This means that the competitors from the Asia region have to take a step into the past to compete in the crowning event of the year. But, this won’t be the case going forward. The roadmap intends that Digimon Worlds 2024 will be using the unified release in BT20. This means that we’ll likely be seeing the 2024 World Championships take place in April 2025.

Digimon Simultaneous Release Roadmap

Digimon Simultaneous Release SR2 and 25

Image Credits: Digimon

To catch up, the English release will return to its roots. Similarly to how our version of the game started with merged boosters, SR1 and 1.5 to cover up to BT3, Special Release Boosters will help bridge the gap for catching up by April. SR2.0 and 2.5 are set to launch in November of 2024, and February 2025 respectively. Each will contain main core sets, leaving the Extra Booster (EX) sets as standalone products.


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